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Start Link Building For Relevancy, Value & Authority

If you’re dealing with SEO, chances are you’ve encountered ‘those people’ that proclaim that link building is dead. Find out why link building still matters, what constitutes a ‘quality link’ and how you can future-proof link building to create a lasting SEO strategy.

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Internet Marketing News Round-Up – Week Of November 4th, 2013

This is my first post in the Internet Marketing Round-Up series which features some of the top industry articles on the web published over the past week. Inside you’ll find the best articles covering topics such as general SEO, link building, social media, SEM, local and more!

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Internet Marketing: Doing It Right & Avoiding The Shortcuts

When it comes to Internet marketing, common sense seems to be a bit of a challenge for some. More often than not, people are under the assumption that the work will be minimal and are willing to take shortcuts. In this article I talk about a few of these shortcuts that will slow your momentum in the long run.

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The Best WordPress Themes – Responsive & Free

Anyone vaguely familiar with WordPress understands that the community is absolutely massive, and there are thousands of designers and developers coding and creating every day. This article contains some of the best free WordPress themes available, all of which are completely responsive, themes you can easily download and install today.

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The Best Internet Marketing & SEO Tools

There are many pieces to the SEO puzzle, and the SEO tools market is a fragmented field with dozens of point solutions. These point solutions play an important role in the market, as small and mid-size businesses seek affordable options to manage SEO tasks. This is a list of the best SEO tools in market today.

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How to Create a Blog in Less Than 6 Minutes Using Bluehost & WordPress

If you want to compete in today’s digital marketplace, you need to build a platform. Today’s platforms consist of: Contacts, Customers, Prospects, Followers and Fans. These are people who share your passion and who want to connect with like-minded people. First, you need a platform to reach them. The easiest way to begin to accomplish this is to start a blog.

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How To Get Paid To Blog: 7 Top Paid Review Sites

Anyone that’s done a bit of research knows that there are nearly countless ways to make money online, however in this post I’m limiting the focus to how you can make money blogging, specifically through an increasingly popular method: the paid review writing business.

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The Pursuit Of Social Media Value & Measurement

There has been an approach to social media measurement that takes aim at discovering ‘true social value’, the assumption being that there is value in social beyond digital, value that can’t be measured. Speculation is one thing, but the confidence that a new method or tool will eventually surface and allow for a treasure trove of social media value is purely unscientific.