Start Link Building For Relevancy, Value & Authority

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If you’re dealing with SEO, chances are you’ve encountered ‘those people’ that proclaim that link building is dead. Find out why link building still matters, what constitutes a ‘quality link’ and how you can future-proof link building to create a lasting SEO strategy.

The Best Internet Marketing & SEO Tools

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There are many pieces to the SEO puzzle, and the SEO tools market is a fragmented field with dozens of point solutions. These point solutions play an important role in the market, as small and mid-size businesses seek affordable options to manage SEO tasks. This is a list of the best SEO tools in market today.

SEO: Adding Link Diversity To Achieve Ranking Success

When it comes to SEO, creating different types of link strategies is important. Some can be aimed directly at search engines, others can be designed to appeal to a specific demographic with the hope that they will click through –guest blogging on a popular related site is one example. Link marketing, has evolved into more […]

Google Paid Search Can Double Your Site Traffic, Even If You’re #1

Organic and paid search are an important part of any Internet marketing strategy, however Google’s research on how the two work together has been questionable. In fact, Google has claimed that ceasing a paid search campaign would result in an 89% decline in clicks. It’s interesting that such a figure can be so significant, after […]

Google’s Panda On The Prowl Again With March Update

Just when you thought Google’s Panda was taking a rest, Google announced that there have been recent updates to the algorithm that targets low-quality web content. Interestingly, Google has chosen to use Twitter for the latest announcement: As mentioned in the tweet above, Google has estimated that roughly 1.6% of search queries will be affected […]

4 Reasons Why SEO Isn’t Dead

There’s continuous talk and complaints about SEO, some claiming that it’s dead. SEO is dead. Just kidding. But aren’t you getting sick of hearing that? There are always claims that the latest Google update is going to destroy any sort of strategy that ever existed, but the people that push that sort of talk usually just want traffic […]

Social Networks Team Up To Prove Biased Google Search Results

With Google’s recent re-launch of social media based results, engineers from MySpace, Facebook and Twitter have created an open-source plugin as proof that Google is prioritizing its own Google+ results in search, moving away from the original mission of being a neutral directory of search on the Web.