Sports That Dominate Social Media

Major sporting events have never had a problem creating social media buzz. In fact, the most talked about event prior to the most recent US Election Day was Super Bowl XLVI. Apart from football, what other sports are driving the buzz in social media?

The Formula Behind Facebook Engagement

A constant challenge for Internet marketers targeting Facebook has been gaining engagement. Generally brands and page admins have defined engagement as things such as likes, shares, and comments, but more importantly to gain reputation with Facebook’s algorithm.

Facebook Testing New “Pages Feed” Feature

There are reports that a few Facebook users have been seeing a new “Pages Feed” link that displays a Liked page’s updates within a single stream. The new feature appears as though Facebook is working to display more posts from pages that a user may be interested in.

BUYRAL – An Easy Way To Make Your Video Viral

Are you tired of missing out on those video clicks that you deserve? Introducing, Buyral – the tool that guarantees you’ll go viral. It’s simple: now you can pay for the clicks you need to make your video go viral. Buyral has a vast network of professionals working day and night constantly clicking on your videos, even outsourcing to clickers all over the world.

How Social Media Affects Our Minds

Everyone, I have some bad news. Facebook has likely changed the way your brain works. You feel that dopamine rush – the lovely chemical that shoots in when you’re rewarded – when a notification jumps up.

LinkedIn Video Ads Now Available!

At long last, LinkedIn has begun offering video advertising! The professional-based social network has announced that their LinkedIn Ads platform now supports delivery of 300 x 250 video ad units for their advertisers. Just like its text and image-based brothers, the new video ads share the same potential reach to LinkedIn users – 175 million […]

Twitter Launches New Profiles Directory

Remember the old “Who To Follow” page on Twitter that launched some time ago? Well, it looks like Twitter’s been doing a little on-site SEO for themselves and have created a profiles directory that includes all public Twitter profiles listed alphabetically by name. Guess who else has been cleaning up their accounts? Facebook, who has […]

YouTube To Allow Offsite Linking Via Video Annotations

Well, well, well, video advertising is about to get a lot more interesting! Ladies and gentlemen, we have some good news here. Very soon YouTube publishers will be allowed to use video annotations to create clickable hyperlinks linking back to one’s own website. Therefore, if you’re Red Bull and your YouTube video is promoting your […]

Facebook Timeline For Small Businesses

Since Facebook launched Timeline for Pages toward the end of February, the majority of the attention has been on the early adopters, those big brands that just about everyone recognizes. The countdown is on until Timeline is rolled out across all pages, and a company called Social Bizzle has created a video to illustrate what […]

Will Updates To Twitter Brand Pages Increase Engagement?

Twitter brand pages are certainly much different than those on Google+ and Facebook. Twitter has planned some upgrades; however these may not change much in the way of user interaction. If we break it down, users primarily interact with others through their Twitter timeline, meaning that they rarely visit a company page. Even if Twitter […]