Social Media Jobs & Salaries – What Are You Worth?

Social Media Week is back again! And speaking of the industry, ever wonder just how successful those folks in social media are? Or maybe you’re an employee about to demand a raise. Just show them this.

What Facebook’s IPO Means For Social Advertising ROI

With Facebook’s IPO buzzing about lately, Facebook value is not only rising in the eyes of investors, but for marketers, as well. From an Internet marketing perspective we could see some real added value with the forthcoming IPO, as it will increase pressure on Facebook to monetize traffic more efficiently.

Could Pinterest Become The New StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon has made a lot of changes lately, many of which have changed the core functionality of the site. They redesigned the site last year, re-focusing the site based on topic features.

Twitter Web Analytics Is Coming, Offers Sophisticated Information & Insights

Third party analytics tools have played a big role in measuring and analyzing various types of activity across Twitter’s massive network. Now, Twitter may be on their way to taking the crown when it comes to the analytics of its own content, pushing away rivals such as, HootSuite and Klout.

Why Pinterest Is Better Than Facebook For Social Commerce

Pinterest is picking up steam, and to date, 80% of the user base consists of women ages 25-44. Pinterest is unique in now it can impact purchases, and retailers such as Lands’ End, Esty, and Nordstrom have pushed adoption heavily, maintaining a strong presence on the new platform.

Facebook Continues To Widen Lead In Internet Display Advertising

Facebook is expanding its lead in the display advertising industry, accounting for 28% of U.S. online display impressions in 2011, ComScore has released. Facebook had 21% of all impressions, the number of times an ad is displayed for users, in 2010

Facebook May Announce Timeline Brand Pages In Late Feb

A source has told Business Insider that we may be seeing brand pages officially announced on February 29th. According to the source, Facebook plans to make the announcement during their invite only Facebook Marketing Conference.