Social Networks Team Up To Prove Biased Google Search Results

With Google’s recent re-launch of social media based results, engineers from MySpace, Facebook and Twitter have created an open-source plugin as proof that Google is prioritizing its own Google+ results in search, moving away from the original mission of being a neutral directory of search on the Web.

94% Of Internet Marketers See Measureable Value On Facebook

Facebook remains a dominant force when it comes to social media marketing, but Twitter is closing the gap, according to a recent return-on-investment survey. Using over 700 marketers, the survey was conducted by Wildfire Interactive, a social media management platform.

Social Business Has Killed The Question Of Social Media ROI

The majority of us would love to have some sort of training to enhance our social skills in daily life, whether at home or in the workplace. Maybe it’s the other way around; we wish other people would receive that kind of training.

The Muppets Use Google+ Hangouts In Google’s New Ad

Have you checked out Google+ Hangouts yet? The Muppets have, and the new video ad by Google shows just how easy and fun it can be! Google released a new ad this week that shows the Muppets in a Google+ Hangout jamming to David Bowie’s hit song, “Under Pressure.”

Facebook Wants You To Know How Their Social Advertising Works

Facebook has launched a new page designed to explain how their advertising works. Given the social and unconventional (dare we say innovative?) nature of their advertisements, it’s clear that they’re trying to steer you away from the rage that people tend to associate with ads.

Google Announces Google+ Page Enhancements

Google+ Pages have quickly provided brands and business with new ways to connect and engage with consumers throughout the network. Google+ Pages are still in their infancy, but Google+ has listened to user feedback and has released some helpful features that were in high demand.

Facebook Brands Are Ignoring 50% Of Consumers’ Posts

Mr Youth has created an infographic suggesting that social media based interactions can influence a consumer’s decision to purchase. We agree. The data used in the study was gathered three weeks prior to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, also including data from those massive purchasing days.

Twitter Blog: Let’s Fly: TweetDeck

TweetDeck is indispensable for tracking the real-time conversations about any given topic on Twitter. Last week Twitter made TweetDeck available on the web for the first time. Built with HTML5, the web version of TweetDeck syncs your accounts, columns, layout and settings whenever and wherever you sign in. And, TweetDeck now reflects the overall design of Twitter with […]

Facebook Testing Post Based Coupons & Premium Ads

Facebook has begun testing a new form of interactive ad that will allow pages to post a coupon to fans and use that same post as an ad on the Facebook homepage. When a user sees an ad or page post containing a deal they would like to take advantage of, they can click the “Get Coupon” link.

Register On HarvardConnection.Co, A Tribute Site To “The Facebook”

Jeffrey Bachand has launched, a tribute site to “The Facebook”, styled like the original site. With a prominent “for sale” sign on the homepage, there are high hopes to fetch a bit of coin for the web address and a little taste of history. After all the legal issues and drama it’s unlikely that […]