Internet Marketing News Round-Up – Week Of November 4th, 2013

Internet Marketing Round-Up - Nov 4th

This is my first post in the Internet Marketing Round-Up series which features some of the top industry articles on the web published over the past week. Inside you’ll find the best articles covering topics such as general SEO, link building, social media, SEM, local and more!

Internet Marketing: Doing It Right & Avoiding The Shortcuts

Internet Marketing - Doing It Right

When it comes to Internet marketing, common sense seems to be a bit of a challenge for some. More often than not, people are under the assumption that the work will be minimal and are willing to take shortcuts. In this article I talk about a few of these shortcuts that will slow your momentum in the long run.

The Best WordPress Themes – Responsive & Free

The Best WordPress Themes - Responsive & Free

Anyone vaguely familiar with WordPress understands that the community is absolutely massive, and there are thousands of designers and developers coding and creating every day. This article contains some of the best free WordPress themes available, all of which are completely responsive, themes you can easily download and install today.

Steve Jobs T-Shirt – Marketaire Legends: Round One

Steve Jobs T-Shirt - Marketaire Legends

Legends is a project that is part of a larger case study on how to launch a new product and/or website. The results of the project will be presented here and broken out over time, including strategies and tactics, challenges, and successes.

Avoiding Oversharing On Social Media – Top 5 Tips

Avoiding Oversharing On Social Media - 5 Tips -

For every ‘dark and mysterious’ stranger you’ll encounter, there are about 1,000 people who give you too much information. Thanks to social media, the days where someone spent half the day discussing their problems with the cat, their spouse and the strange itching on their inner thigh are gone. Instead, people like to discuss mundane [...]

Will Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines Go Public?

Google Search Quality Rater Guidelines -

So, Google may be considering publicly releasing their search quality rating guidelines. The news has come from Google’s latest webmaster video on YouTube, in which Matt Cutts is answering a question on how Google uses data and information provided by their human evaluators. The conclusion is that these evaluators don’t impact Google’s search algorithm directly, which is [...]

58% Of Smartphone Users Use A Location-Based Info Service

Location-based functionality for social networks were one of the big top future trends of 2011. These days location is integrated into just about everything that developers create. Most mobile and social apps have some sort of location enhancement but are not strictly location based. “Checking in” is still widely available through networks such as Foursquare, [...]