Internet Marketing 2013 – National Brands To Increase Local Investment

91% of US national brands are expected to invest more or the same dollar amount in local Internet marketing heading into the year, reports local marketing company Balihoo. Of the survey participants, 47% of brands said that they have plans to invest more in local Internet marketing into 2013.

Avoiding Oversharing On Social Media – Top 5 Tips

For every ‘dark and mysterious’ stranger you’ll encounter, there are about 1,000 people who give you too much information. Thanks to social media, the days where someone spent half the day discussing their problems with the cat, their spouse and the strange itching on their inner thigh are gone. Instead, people like to discuss mundane […]

Will Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines Go Public?

So, Google may be considering publicly releasing their search quality rating guidelines. The news has come from Google’s latest webmaster video on YouTube, in which Matt Cutts is answering a question on how Google uses data and information provided by their human evaluators. The conclusion is that these evaluators don’t impact Google’s search algorithm directly, which is […]

58% Of Smartphone Users Use A Location-Based Info Service

Location-based functionality for social networks were one of the big top future trends of 2011. These days location is integrated into just about everything that developers create. Most mobile and social apps have some sort of location enhancement but are not strictly location based. “Checking in” is still widely available through networks such as Foursquare, […]

Mobile Printing With Your iPhone

Are you a fan of mobile printing? Yeah, there’s another app for that. Breezy is a mobile printing startup and has recently released an iPhone version of its app to the public. Once Breezy is installed, you’ll be able to print documents and other files from your iPhone, whether it’s your office printer, somewhere public, […]

Measuring Your LinkedIn Klout, Topical Influence With +K

With LinkedIn popularity on the rise, it has become the world’s largest professional network – LinkedIn is now 100 million members strong. As you can imagine, LinkedIn has quickly become a focus for many Internet marketing campaigns, allowing users to connect to businesses and demographics around the world. LinkedIn has been integrated into the fabric […]

Social Search Will Reshape SEO

There has been a lot of buzz around social media and the evolution of social networks. The latter half of last year had people talking about “Google Me” and later, “Google +1” as Google’s entrance into the social world. Google had commented that they were not attempting to replicate the social experience of Twitter or […]