Mobile Purchases Are Up 516% For Black Friday In 2011

Recent data released from PayPal shows an increase of 516% for mobile purchases on Black Friday 2011. Shopping time was busiest this year for mobile payments between 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM PT. The data is also showing that Black Friday mobile payment transactions were up 148% when compared against a typical Friday. This year […]

Black Friday: 10 Things To Review On Your Internet Marketing Checklist

Ecommerce sites are slammed with one of their busiest days on Black Friday, so before the break for turkey, it’s a good idea to go through a quick checklist of items to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. 1) If you’re featuring specials, have you added these changes to your homepage announcing them? You may […]

Facebook Throws Sponsored Stories Into Your News Ticker. Annoyed yet?

Facebook has begun rolling out its latest update: Sponsored stories will begin to appear in your news ticker. Yes, that scrolling, never-ending Twitter-esque box in the upper right hand corner of your Facebook homepage. The one that people love to hate. Well, hate on, haters. Sliding Sponsored Stories into the news ticker is an inevitable […]

YouTube Redesign Integrates Both Google+ and Facebook For Social Sharing

Business Review USA has leaked a redesign of YouTube, showing a more socially integrated layout that emphasizes sharing. Google has included both Google+ and Facebook sharing options within the profile sidebar. While the inclusion of Facebook may be surprising to some, it is important to remember that YouTube is a massively popular destination, one that […]

How To Submit Your Own News Article To Marketaire

Have you considered submitting an article to Marketaire but aren’t sure of what the benefits are? Maybe you have that killer article in your head but aren’t sure of the next step. Whatever is causing you to hold back, below are reasons why you should gear up and get your article written and submitted! Reach […]

Google Acquires Katango, A Social Contact Sorter Originally Designed For Facebook

Katango, creators of an iPhone app to generate a friends list using your Facebook contacts, has been acquired by Google. Debuting back in July, Katango was immediately hit with serious competition from Facebook, rolling out their Smart Lists feature and dramatically lessening the value of Katango’s auto-generating friends list. Fortunately for Katango, Facebook isn’t the […]

58% Of Smartphone Users Use A Location-Based Info Service

Location-based functionality for social networks were one of the big top future trends of 2011. These days location is integrated into just about everything that developers create. Most mobile and social apps have some sort of location enhancement but are not strictly location based. “Checking in” is still widely available through networks such as Foursquare, […]