Yahoo Partners With Google To Display Contextual AdSense Ads

Google - Yahoo - Contextual Advertising -

Yahoo has made an interesting announcement: it will be working with Google. This isn’t a search based advertising deal, that’s still exclusive to Bing, but the Google partnership will display contextual ads throughout Yahoo’s co-branded sites and other properties.

Facebook Promoted Posts Outperform Marketplace Ads With 68% Lower CPCs

Facebook Promoted Posts - Business Pages -

Strategists in the Internet marketing world are always looking to try new and exciting technologies, especially when it comes to advertising and improving campaign performance. Of course with Facebook there’s the big question of reach and response – what type of ad will net you the most bang for your buck?

Hot Black Friday Brand Check-Ins

Black Friday 2012 - Check-Ins & Social Media

Silverpop, a digital marketing tech company, has analyzed Black Friday buzz words and identified “sale”, “deals”, and “coffee” as the top 3 words mentioned on Twitter on the wonderful shopping day.

Using Advocates To Amplify Your Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy - Advocate -

Having an advocate is the holy grail for brands throughout social media. Unfortunately advocates are hard to come by, no surprise there. So how could a brand transform a Facebook fan into a person willing to speak positively and share information/deals about the company?