Twitter Launches New Profiles Directory

Remember the old “Who To Follow” page on Twitter that launched some time ago? Well, it looks like Twitter’s been doing a little on-site SEO for themselves and have created a profiles directory that includes all public Twitter profiles listed alphabetically by name. Guess who else has been cleaning up their accounts? Facebook, who has […]

The Apple iPad Mini & The Future Of Mobile Advertising

So, Apple has unveiled the much anticipated iPad mini, their smaller tablet with a screen size measuring 7.9 inches diagonally, equipped with a 5 MP camera, powered by a dual-core A5 processor, and 512 MB of RAM. It can be yours for $329. But wait! If you have a new iPhone do you really need […]

YouTube To Allow Offsite Linking Via Video Annotations

Well, well, well, video advertising is about to get a lot more interesting! Ladies and gentlemen, we have some good news here. Very soon YouTube publishers will be allowed to use video annotations to create clickable hyperlinks linking back to one’s own website. Therefore, if you’re Red Bull and your YouTube video is promoting your […]

SEO: Adding Link Diversity To Achieve Ranking Success

When it comes to SEO, creating different types of link strategies is important. Some can be aimed directly at search engines, others can be designed to appeal to a specific demographic with the hope that they will click through –guest blogging on a popular related site is one example. Link marketing, has evolved into more […]

Google Paid Search Can Double Your Site Traffic, Even If You’re #1

Organic and paid search are an important part of any Internet marketing strategy, however Google’s research on how the two work together has been questionable. In fact, Google has claimed that ceasing a paid search campaign would result in an 89% decline in clicks. It’s interesting that such a figure can be so significant, after […]

Google’s Panda On The Prowl Again With March Update

Just when you thought Google’s Panda was taking a rest, Google announced that there have been recent updates to the algorithm that targets low-quality web content. Interestingly, Google has chosen to use Twitter for the latest announcement: As mentioned in the tweet above, Google has estimated that roughly 1.6% of search queries will be affected […]

Facebook Timeline For Small Businesses

Since Facebook launched Timeline for Pages toward the end of February, the majority of the attention has been on the early adopters, those big brands that just about everyone recognizes. The countdown is on until Timeline is rolled out across all pages, and a company called Social Bizzle has created a video to illustrate what […]

Will Updates To Twitter Brand Pages Increase Engagement?

Twitter brand pages are certainly much different than those on Google+ and Facebook. Twitter has planned some upgrades; however these may not change much in the way of user interaction. If we break it down, users primarily interact with others through their Twitter timeline, meaning that they rarely visit a company page. Even if Twitter […]

1 In 4 Facebook Brand Pages Have Upgraded To Timeline

Facebook has reported that within a single week of the Timeline for Pages introduction, more than eight million brand pages adopted the new layout. At present there are roughly 37 million brand pages within Facebook, and whether other pages opt in or not, the 29 million who haven’t will be introduced to Timeline on March 30th. […]

How Google’s Social Ads Enhance The Search Experience

Google is not aiming to inject ads into your social experience. Vic Gundotra, Google’s SVP of Engineering has said that users don’t want to be attacked by advertisements while looking at photos of their newborn daughter. Given that Google has always been about recognizing and improving the user experience, this is a relief. Google’s goal […]