Only 2% Of Facebook Page Fans Are Sharing Posts

Have you had a chance to check out the virality rate stat within your Facebook Page insights? It’s the percentage of fans who are sharing a page’s posts. If you’ve seen it, are you wondering why you have such a low percentage? Don’t worry just yet: 61% of Facebook pages have a virality rate of […]

4 Reasons Why SEO Isn’t Dead

There’s continuous talk and complaints about SEO, some claiming that it’s dead. SEO is dead. Just kidding. But aren’t you getting sick of hearing that? There are always claims that the latest Google update is going to destroy any sort of strategy that ever existed, but the people that push that sort of talk usually just want traffic […]

Embracing Your Users Through Minimalist Design

So, you’ve probably noticed that minimalist designs have been around for awhile now. From a designer perspective, what’s the relevance? Will you become a better web designer by following minimalism, or is it a fad? Well, there is certainly beauty in simplicity, and as for it being a fad, it’s hard to say. Who knows how design […]

What Is Your Facebook Page Post Reach?

Have you ever considered just how far your Facebook page posts reach? Well, here’s an easy way to figure it out. You’ll be using page insights data to calculate the percentage of Facebook fans that actually view your content.

Facebook’s Ad Targeting Tool Improves Interest Targeting

Facebook will now allow you to paste a list of keywords within the “Precise Interests” section when setting up an ad on the network. Once you’re in the targeting section of the ad buying tool, Facebook will let you paste an interest/keyword list by clicking the little plus sign next to the Precise Interest field.

Posting From Pinterest To Your Facebook Fan Page

Tabfusion is another company jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon, releasing a Facebook tab app to allow users to display their Pins from the interest network on their Facebook pages.

Twitter Expands Ad Business With Self-Service Advertising

Finally, after a long wait, Twitter advertising will finally become available to small businesses in March. Partnering with American Express, the program will be limited to small businesses that use and accept American Express cards.