Social Networks Team Up To Prove Biased Google Search Results

With Google’s recent re-launch of social media based results, engineers from MySpace, Facebook and Twitter have created an open-source plugin as proof that Google is prioritizing its own Google+ results in search, moving away from the original mission of being a neutral directory of search on the Web.

How Google’s Revenue Hit $37.9 Billion In 2011

Wordstream, a firm specializing in PPC services and SEM software, has concluded that the top industries contributing most significantly to Google’s $37.9 billion in revenue over 2011 were Finanace & Insurance, Travel & Tourism, and Retails & General Merchandise.

94% Of Internet Marketers See Measureable Value On Facebook

Facebook remains a dominant force when it comes to social media marketing, but Twitter is closing the gap, according to a recent return-on-investment survey. Using over 700 marketers, the survey was conducted by Wildfire Interactive, a social media management platform.

Demand For Data Scientists Has Outpaced Supply Of Talent

Do you want a job that’s in high demand and will likely stay that way for the next 5 years? You may not have considered becoming a Data Scientist before now, but the conclusion of IT service company EMC’s recent survey is showing that this position is in very high demand.

Social Business Has Killed The Question Of Social Media ROI

The majority of us would love to have some sort of training to enhance our social skills in daily life, whether at home or in the workplace. Maybe it’s the other way around; we wish other people would receive that kind of training.

The Zen Of Steve Jobs – A Comic Book About The Man

The Zen of Steve Jobs is a comic book that follows the life of Steve Jobs during the time he was fired from Apple, revolving around his friendship with Kobun Chino, a Japanese Buddhist monk who was also Steve’s spiritual guru.

Daily Deals Hooked Holiday Shoppers In 2011

Daily deals site TIPPR has created an infographic summarizing the activity of consumers on the daily deal space during the 2011 holiday season. The past season people certainly took online shopping more seriously, not only for the convenience, but for the online deals.

Amazon Is At War With Apple And Google In Tech

There’s always a lot of talk about the war between Google and Apple from a technology perspective, but there is a very powerful third competitor that can’t be overlooked: Amazon. The infographic below illustrates the large part that Amazon plays in the technology wars. Forget about Google vs. Apple or Google vs. Bing, even Microsoft […]