1 In 4 Facebook Brand Pages Have Upgraded To Timeline

Facebook has reported that within a single week of the Timeline for Pages introduction, more than eight million brand pages adopted the new layout. At present there are roughly 37 million brand pages within Facebook, and whether other pages opt in or not, the 29 million who haven’t will be introduced to Timeline on March 30th.

Given the fact that more than one in four brands have chosen to upgrade to the new layout, it’s certainly helping Facebook’s reputation given the strong criticism faced by regular Facebook users. Data to back up strategic decisions is always a help. Unsurprisingly, brands are already seeing engagement improvements through Timeline and new ads.

Ben & Jerry’s used Facebook’s Reach Generator solution to push its regular reach forward to 98% of people who liked the page, doubling its Page engagement rate during a 28 day period. For those that may be unfamiliar with Facebook’s Reach Generator solution, the idea is to create an ‘always on’ strategy that reaches 75% of Page fans using content from the Page. The focus is on brands creating content within the Page while Facebook ensures that the content is pushed to fans.

At the moment, Facebook estimates that the average Page reaches 16% of total fans per week. With the Reach Generator, Facebook guarantees that you will reach 75% of fans per month, averaging 50% of fans per week. Fans will see your message as a sponsored story within the right hand sidebar of their homepage, or in their Facebook news feed on desktop or mobile.

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Ford has also said its Ford Mustang page engagement has improved significantly, specifically in the number of people talking about the page and engagement as a whole since adopting Timeline February 29th. It also plans to use logout ads in the very near future.

Have you seen any innovative Timeline strategies by brands? Share your stories and strategies below!

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