Only 2% Of Facebook Page Fans Are Sharing Posts

Have you had a chance to check out the virality rate stat within your Facebook Page insights? It’s the percentage of fans who are sharing a page’s posts. If you’ve seen it, are you wondering why you have such a low percentage?

Don’t worry just yet: 61% of Facebook pages have a virality rate of 2.5% or less, as reported by EdgeRank Checker. The median rate came out at 1.9%.

To arrive at these figures, EdgeRank Checker analyzed more than 375,000 individual page posts across 10,000 separate pages, dating through from February 3rd to March 3rd of this year. The total number of fans and post frequency varied across the sample pages.

EdgeRank Checker decided to move ahead with the analysis in response to a question on Quora regarding the average virality rate. When looking at the average rate, it’s actually 2.97%, however Cad Wittman, EdgeRank Checker’s founder, noted that figure to be an average of average, making the median more accurate.

Facebook Page Virality Rate Breakdown - Social Media -

Using the median, it shows a single average due to the various page sizes and posting frequencies.

Finally, what it all comes down to: Pages on Facebook have room to increase the number of fans sharing posts.

The reality is that the majority of messages that tend to spread the furthest throughout Facebook are very rarely commercially related. Given the data, expecting larger percentages of fans to share content won’t come easy. There will clearly need to be a strategy in place in order to do so, which is where content marketing can play a beautiful role.

Are you working to improve Facebook page post sharing as part of your marketing strategy?

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