Advertising on TV Channels

What would you say if I told you that you could advertise your website on national TV channels with a minimal budget?

The reality today is that you can easily run advertisements on TV for your website/business for the cost of dining out! Pretty amazing sounding, isn’t it? Sure, the ads may not air during expensive prime-time shows, but you’re still reaching that TV audience, even if you have a limited budget.

Welcome to Google TV Ads!

This is a very straightforward process and anyone with an Internet connected computer can immediately setup and run a TV ad campaign in minutes.

First, you upload your video to your Google Adwords account, select your daily budget (your budget per day for the TV commercial), next you pick the time of day you’d prefer your ad to air, and lastly you choose a list of networks (or specific TV shows) that you would like to broadcast your ad on.

So what sort of results can you expect? Here’s an example.

Using a $1,300 budget and selections, your ad could be aired 50+ times on multiple cable networks and viewed by 1-1.5+ million people.

If you have a well designed ad you can expect 1,000+ people to visit your site (provided  the URL is in the ad) so you’re essentially paying $1 per visitor (CPC), which is very reasonable!

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, this is a new and very exciting platform you can take advantage of to find new customers for your small business using  a limited advertising budget. Think about it, this can be used to drastically enhance your new media/Internet marketing campaign on a new medium without the need for a 3rd party. Unfortunately, the service is only available to advertisers located in the US and currently only US based cable networks may be targeted.

But the future is bright!

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