Amazon Is At War With Apple And Google In Tech

There’s always a lot of talk about the war between Google and Apple from a technology perspective, but there is a very powerful third competitor that can’t be overlooked: Amazon. The infographic below illustrates the large part that Amazon plays in the technology wars.

Forget about Google vs. Apple or Google vs. Bing, even Microsoft vs. Apple. There are a lot of big players, especially when it comes to tech, and each have the big names like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google.

You may have forgotten about Amazon, they don’t receive a lot of media attention compared to more popular companies listed above, but Amazon is one of the few companies that have the ability to compete with Google’s massive computing power. In reality, Amazon is presently competing with Apple, Google and many well known tech companies in many key areas of online media. While Google has their Google Docs for storage and Apple has iCloud, Amazon has developed the Cloud Drive. While Google created Android tablets and Apple created the iPad, Amazon created the Kindle Fire. When it comes to Amazon vs. Google, the tech list goes on: Google Music is a direct competitor to Amazon MP3, Google Checkout is up against Amazon Checkout, and YouTube is within the same territory as Amazon Unbox.

CPC Strategy has created an infographic that looks at the markets Amazon is competing in with Apple, Google, and many other technology companies. They’ve also included a brief analysis of how Amazon could potentially win.

Do you think Amazon has a chance of remaining a competitor? Are they trying to extend their reach too far, resulting in an ambitious, broad approach? Do they have a chance of competing with Microsoft, Google, and Apple in additional territories by creating leverage through their current resources? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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