Avoiding Oversharing On Social Media – Top 5 Tips

For every ‘dark and mysterious’ stranger you’ll encounter, there are about 1,000 people who give you too much information. Thanks to social media, the days where someone spent half the day discussing their problems with the cat, their spouse and the strange itching on their inner thigh are gone. Instead, people like to discuss mundane aspects of their life on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networking sites.

When you’re in business, you can’t afford to fall into the social media oversharing trap. For starters, your ‘followers’ or ‘friends’ will soon get fed up with you discussing all aspects of your business while clogging up their real-time feed. Secondly, the more information you share, the more your rivals know about your company and its plans. In the information age, less is usually more. Below are 5 tips to help you avoid oversharing on social media.

1 – Stay Relevant

Think before you type. Do your customers really NEED to know the information you’re about to type? Is it of fundamental value to your viewers? Most importantly, is what you’re about to write designed to improve user experience of your products/services? If the answer to all of the above is ‘NO’, you probably shouldn’t type it. Stick to a handful of social media sites and only update your information when you have something compelling to say. Your customers will thank you for it.

2 – Get Others To Do The Work

Instead of posting dozens of tweet or messages in a bid to be seen around the Internet, why not send out a few pieces of information and get your followers to do the rest? If you can get your posts shared by thousands of readers, you will have no need to post new information for quite some time. Getting people to help you out is easy: Simply provide them with incentives and watch them get to work. The best incentives usually come in the form of a discount or a prize draw.

3 – Be Careful With Personal News

Some business owners actually have two Facebook or Twitter accounts: One for business and one for personal use. While this is fine in theory, it is far too easy to get them mixed up in times of stress and post the wrong thing. Additionally, the things you say on your personal account could be used against you on your business account so it’s important to be sensible with all posts.

There is something to be said for adding the occasional personal post to your business account. It is a great way to add a touch of humanity to your company. Consumers will see a person rather than a corporate entity. However, it’s best if most posts are related to the industry involving your company. Common sense dictates that posts about religion or politics should never be added. These are divisive issues and the last thing you want is to lose a huge percentage of followers over a single offhand remark.

4 – Manage Your Reputation

A reputation monitoring service will provide you with updates every time your brand is mentioned on the social media sites you specify. You can set the parameters to ensure that it is under your control at all times. If someone writes a disparaging and possibly damaging comment about your company, it will be possible to quickly delete it. In fact, there are apps that automatically delete negative comments. This is a great way to protect your brand while you sleep.

5 – Use Photos

You don’t have to continually post comments and risk oversharing when you have the power of photos at your disposal. Various research studies show that social media pages with images are viewed far more often than ones which are nothing more than large blocks of text. Videos are also an excellent way to show off your company’s products and services. It should be noted that image oversharing is also possible so limit your photo and video output.

If you concentrate on being interesting and informative rather than desperately trying to become a major online presence, you will find that avoiding social media oversharing is rather easy. Don’t share content on a whim, decide whether or not it adds value to your brand before proceeding.


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