Benchmarking EdgeRank Performance With The Facebook Page Barometer

There’s been a lot of marketing talk surrounding Facebook’s EdgeRank, but for Page owners, there hasn’t been a clear indicator as to how a Page is performing against the algorithm.

Well friends, you’re in luck!

Agora Pulse has launched a free new service that allows page admins to see how Page stats are stalking up against Facebook’s Edgerank metric. The “Facebook Page Barometer” can help you set benchmarks for engagement.


The Barometer can help page admins identify average reach and engagement across a variety of fan sizes. The tool also syncs with Facebook’s page data, allowing for specific page metrics broken out by:

  • Click Through Rate
  • Organic Reach
  • Viral Reach
  • Fans Reached
  • People Talking About
  • Engagement

Facebook Page Barometer - Post Insights

There’s been a bit of controversy surrounding Facebook’s decision to continue to lower the organic fan reach of a page and shifting towards a ‘paid organic’ model, something that has limited a more organic marketing and measurement on Facebook. The Barometer helps close that gap by analyzing content delivery data, ultimately allowing marketers to use these insights to execute smarter campaigns and messaging.

Will you be using the Barometer to help shape your social marketing and content strategies?

Test it out for yourself!

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