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With each passing year landing page builders are becoming more complete solutions, with new and enhanced features that directly impact a business’ bottom line. If you’re looking to create or upgrade not only your landing pages, but your sales funnel, there isn’t a better time to make the leap.

After spending 21 hours researching 10 landing page builders and testing 3 finalists, I’ve found that Leadpages is the best landing page builder for most individuals and businesses.


The best landing page builder

Leadpages has versatile landing page templates and a suite of powerful tools that drive leads and sales.

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Leadpages is a landing page builder with innovative Facebook Ad integration to drive traffic to landing pages, on-page payment integration with Stripe to make sales and deliver digital products, and the ability to capture opt-ins via text message with mobile opt-in codes.

With the Standard plan starting at $25/mo., it was also one of the least expensive landing page builders I tested, though it lacks Dynamic Text Replacement on landing pages, and the template variety and aesthetics aren’t as good as Instapage or Unbounce. Still, there is strong business value and Leadpages is perfect for those looking for an end-to-end landing page solution.


Good for agencies & design

Premium look and feel, great template designs, but doesn’t have double opt-in functionality.

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If you need a technical landing page builder with detailed customization options and a wide range of templates, or you need agency or client tools, consider Unbounce. It’s expensive, with their Essential plan starting at $79/mo., but the drag-and-drop builder is refined and has a premium look and feel that outshines the competition. Their Premium and Enterprise packages also have advanced targeting rules for pop-up displays, letting you target your visitors based on their location, cookie settings, or the URL they are coming from.

Their landing page templates feature visible opt-in forms, rather than a double-opt-in with a button click and pop-up, which could impact conversion rates, but may not be a dealbreaker when considering other features. It’s a better buy for anyone that works in an agency or with multiple clients where you need to create opt-in based landing pages, but as a standalone landing page builder it’s too expensive and the drag-and-drop interface is too complicated for most people and small businesses.


For non-techies & simple use

Easy landing page setup with simple drag-and-drop builder, but lacks advanced features of competitors.

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If you’re fairly non-technical with design and prefer a simple, easy to use landing page builder without the need for bells and whistles, then Instapage is a great option. Instapage will guide you through the set up of your first landing page, and their Instablocks feature allows you to mix and match design elements from other templates to make the best of the best.

The downside is that their Core package starts at $69 mo. – that’s $44/mo. more than our pick, with fewer overall features. However, if you just want to keep it simple with design or are building lots of simple but custom pages as a team or agency, this is a great choice.

Who this is for

Landing pages are for any individual or business who wants to send people to their website to get them to take a specific action. For example:

  • Subscribing to an email list or newsletter
  • Downloading a piece of content (like an ebook or a free report)
  • Registering for a live and/or digital event (like a webinar or a conference)
  • Purchasing an actual product or service offered

A landing page is hyper-focused and is designed specifically for the purpose of converting prospects. Unlike a regular website, which has a heavy focus on information and entertainment, a landing page uses persuasive design. Businesses use landing pages to convey facts, figures, and testimonials in the briefest way possible to convince prospects that they’re worth buying into.

If you want an optimized landing page that has a high conversion rate, want to lower your cost-per-opt-in, or if you’re looking to create a great looking, high performing landing page effortlessly, a landing page builder will deliver great value at a budget-friendly price.

Our pick: Leadpages

Leadpages is the best landing page builder for most individuals and small businesses because of its quick-and-easy drag-and-drop builder, pop-up opt-in boxes, built-in payments, and an integrated Facebook Ad Builder. Leadpages doesn’t have Dynamic Text Replacement or the landing page template aesthetics of our runner-up pick, but the drag-and-drop builder is easy to use, features a payment integration with Stripe, and can trigger an opt-in form via a button click rather than displaying the form directly on the page. With traffic, conversion, and e-commerce tools that can drive serious business impact, and at a price that beats both major competitors, this is a great landing page builder for anyone ready to jump in and really grow their business.

When creating a new landing page with Leadpages, you have the option of choosing from 160+ expertly designed templates, or building your own from scratch. Templates are sortable by “Highest Converting” (Leadpages’ own aggregated performance data), or by a template theme related to Industry and Campaign Type (Webinar, App, e-Commerce, etc.).

After selecting a template, you’re taken into the drag-and-drop builder where you can customize the template to make it your own. The editor is where Leadpages shines. You can easily edit and publish a landing page in 5 minutes, where previously it would have taken hours. There are no coding skills required to do this. You click to add and change text, click and hold to move page elements, and click to select and change colouring throughout the page. There are a number of elements that can be incorporated on the page, such as: A countdown timer (great for webinars), images, video, social sharing buttons, an e-commerce checkout, and more.

While the drag-and-drop builder isn’t as fully featured as our runner-up, and the mix and matching of design elements isn’t as strong as our third pick, the simplicity found within Leadpages is welcomed. With DIY small-business in mind, there is no need to hire a designer or developer and it is clear this has been a focus throughout the product.

As an Advanced or Pro subscriber, you will have access to the “Checkouts” feature to make sales, accept credit cards and deliver digital products from your Leadpages and Leadboxes. By connecting Leadpages with the popular payment gateway Stripe, you are able to accept all major credit cards swiftly and securely. By having a seamless payment integration, this feature removes the complexities of e-commerce, and can help move businesses from idea to revenue faster.

With Checkouts, you no longer need a shopping cart add-on or an e-commerce platform. This saves both time and money. When it comes to order fulfillment, follow-ups are ridiculously easy. Because Checkouts follow the same flow as opting into a regular registration form, you are able to deliver a digital asset such as an ebook, a video course, an audiobook, or a printable worksheet automatically once the payment is completed.

Bottom line, Checkouts offers the potential of opening up new revenue possibilities. For businesses looking to grow revenue, this is exciting.

If you want to run traffic generation campaigns to your landing pages, you can do so by building Facebook Ads with a simplified and intuitive ad creator right inside of Leadpages itself. With this simplified ad builder, anyone can easily target an audience and advertise to them, something that was once reserved for only sophisticated advertisers. This is a unique feature among companies that offer landing page builders, and you are able to create a seamless campaign that connects your Facebook Ads directly to your landing pages.

One of the biggest barriers to creating Facebook Ads was the complexity of Facebook’s ad manager. Facebook’s ad manager asks a lot of upfront questions during ad setup, and creating an ad from scratch can be tricky for those who haven’t done it before. Implementing the necessary tracking pixel (a tracking tool for Facebook Ads) also required editing webpages to add the code, and then making sure it was placed where it should be. This took a lot of time and required some technical know-how.

Using Leadpages’ Facebook Ads Builder, you can create a targeted Facebook ad in as few as 4 clicks and start driving traffic to your landing page. When creating an ad for a specific landing page, Leadpages will automatically pull images and content and incorporate them into your ad, also placing Facebook’s tracking pixel automatically for accurate performance measurement.

With Leadpages you don’t need to worry about the overwhelming process of creating a targeted Facebook ad campaign – this is simple and easy.

For businesses that want to capture opt-ins not only from landing pages, but also from their website, there are Leadboxes. Leadboxes allow you to use a button, image, or piece of text to trigger a pop-up opt-in form, turning any webpage or blog post into lead generating asset.

Leadboxes are easy to create and implement and are a highly effective way to drive opt-ins. For example, you can offer a free content download in exchange for an email opt-in, posting the Leadbox on any page or post of a website. You could position a Leadbox within sidebar widgets, a website’s navigation bar, inside blog posts themselves, and lots more.

Creating a Leadbox is as easy as creating a landing page, and there is a drag-and-drop builder for Leadboxes that has all the same features as the landing page builder. This provides you with another level of flexibility for pop-ups, allowing you to get creative with the offer to your audience. Not only can you trigger a pop-up with a manual click by a visitor, you can also trigger the popup based on a period of time, visitor page views, or when your visitor indicates an intent to exist the page.

Leadpages has a 14-day free trial, with annual pricing starting at $300/yr ($25/mo) and monthly pricing at $37/mo. You do save 39% with annual billing, so if the trial goes well and you’re planning for the long-term, annual is the better option.

Not only is Leadpages a great landing page builder, but its suite of opt-in tools combined with Facebook Ads and e-commerce integration makes it the most well rounded landing page and lead generation software available. At a price that’s $42/mo less than our 3rd pick and $62/mo less than our second pick, this is a perfect solution for small-businesses who want to grow fast.

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