Black Friday: 10 Things To Review On Your Internet Marketing Checklist

Ecommerce sites are slammed with one of their busiest days on Black Friday, so before the break for turkey, it’s a good idea to go through a quick checklist of items to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

Black Friday Internet Marketing Checklist - Marketaire.com1) If you’re featuring specials, have you added these changes to your homepage announcing them? You may have an assortment of different specials; however you should be promoting the specials that will make you the most money.

2) Is any sort of pricing discount displayed where applicable? It’s one thing to feature a discounted percentage on your homepage, however product pages and the checkout pages in particular should also reflect this. This will not only save you a lot of hassle, but it will also reduce abandonment and increase value for the customer.

3) Have you set up an email blast that should be sent Friday and Monday mornings to alert local customers of your specials while possibility highlighting some sort of extra “web” or “loyalty” incentive? Remember, showing value whenever you can will impact customer loyalty. Something simple can go a long way!

4) If you’re running PPC (Pay-Per-Click), have you set up your ads to launch in the right locations at the right times? It’s important to remember to set an alert in the case of bid increases – there may be more bidders than usual for this day and time period and your ads may not display as often if you simply maintain your regular bids. Keep an eye on your daily spend and ensure that flow is consistent, especially if you would like to spread your daily budget out over a period of time.

5) Are you running remarketing ads? Considering the group of buyers and potential buyers that will visit your site over this period, running a remarketing campaign to capture these people is highly effective.

6) Is your website mobile ready? Because a lot of people will be out and about, having a mobile ready site will help with overall conversions. Even if it’s simply looking for directions and presenting them with the ability to give you a quick call.

7) Are you doing mobile advertising? As mentioned above, people will be mobile, and if you’re not advertising to mobile devices with a mobile enabled site, you’re missing out in a massive way! You can even create a single mobile landing page dedicated to this, sending all your PPC traffic there. As a side note, remember to measure, analyze and improve based on all data!

8) Are your social media channels ready for an increase in interest? It’s important to monitor your social accounts during these high traffic days. People will be seeking recommendations, so be sure to get out there and engage, offering links to your specials! You can even search on Twitter based on your product/industry keyword, and if you offer shipping, using social media to drive interest can result in a potential repeat customer. Of course you’re running your remarketing ads, so you can reach out to them later, as well.

9) Have you set special alerts in analytics to identify any potential problem areas that may need immediate attention? As an example, you may want to set an alert related to an increase in bounce rates and be ready for a quick response. Visitors who are motivated to buy can quickly highlight pages that may be interrupting sales flow, and by addressing any issues or barriers right away you can eliminate the threat of missing out on potential sales.

10) Capture and track all email addresses during this period. On days like Black Friday, users can be viewed as discount shoppers. Even after the holiday push, offering exclusive coupons or offers will still have very good open rates and will result in additional business. Make sure you’re measuring and tracking.

I think that’s about it for us, but please, feel free to share any additional thoughts below! Enjoy the turkey everyone, and remember, take a quick glance over your site, it could be well worth it!

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