BuzzBundle Review & Tutorial – Driving Targeted Traffic To Your Site

Today I’m going to teach you how to easily increase traffic to your blog. This is a method I’ve personally used throughout 2013, resulting in more than 150k referral visitors to my site using this exact strategy to drive qualified traffic.

Actions I Took

  • Connected with my target audience on social networks, niche forums, etc.
  • Added value directly by participating in their conversations
  • Presented solutions and content to help problem solve

These actions resulted in a steady traffic increase. Visitors over this period have ranged from 9-15k monthly, and this is constantly driving and growing traffic as time unfolds.

BuzzBundle Review & Tutorial - Traffic Generation -

What is BuzzBundle?

BuzzBundle is the tool responsible for a significant chunk of my incoming traffic, leads, and ultimately, income. Here’s what it does:

  • Scours the Internet for content on blogs, forums, social networks, and Q&A sites
  • Discovers content related to your defined target keywords
  • Allows you to participate in relevant conversations directly
  • Allows you to create and run multiple campaigns
  • Manages profile registration and verification for target websites
  • Compatible with major OSes: Windows, Mac, Linux

BuzzBundle was created by the team that brought us SEO Powersuite and is a tool that has become an integral part of my traffic acquisition strategy. It’s something I use every day and have been doing so for the past 7 months to promote and drive traffic to my site.

This tool has saved me an extraordinary amount of time by making it quick and easy to connect with my target audience! Plain and simple.

How It Works: My Personal Project

Setting Up A BuzzBundle Campaign

This is incredibly quick and easy.

  1. Click File -> New Project
  2. Add Streams(s)
  3. Enter your target keyword(s) and your website. Click OK

BuzzBundle Review & Tutorial - New Project -

I’m going to promote a recent post about inbound marketing and tactics that can be used to drive instant results.

Since this topic is my target, I’ll enter keywords directly related to it: inbound marketing methods.

BuzzBundle Review & Tutorial - Add Keywords - Inbound Marketing -

Monitoring Your Competition

You are also able to monitor mentions of your competitors throughout the web, also targeted based on a target keyword.

This can certainly provide you with a competitive edge, allowing you to jump into conversations that mention your competitors. Incredibly useful!

Setting Up Proxies In BuzzBundle

BuzzBundle Review & Tutorial - Setup Proxy Settings -

You won’t need to use proxies if you’re only going to be working with a small number of keywords.

However, if you’re planning on querying a significant number of keywords and URLs, you’ll need proxies to ensure you’re receiving proper results when you’re searching.

I’d recommend using BuyProxies or something similar, they’re who I use. Again, not necessary unless you’re going big.

BuzzBundle Persona & Profile Setup

BuzzBundle Review & Tutorial - Add Personas -

Your persona is a profile on a target social networking site that you will use when replying to relevant content. This is an easy, straight forward process. It will only take a minute.

  1. Click “Personas & Profiles” within the left panel
  2. Enter your registration info (username, email, password)
  3. Choose a picture for your profile (recommended)
  4. Include additional detailed such as date of birth, gender, location and a brief “About” section.
  5. You can also connect social profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.
  6. You’re done!

Congratulations! You’ve just created a brand new BuzzBundle account and can now start driving targeted traffic to your websites and blogs.

Let’s Create Some Buzz!

If you want to drive targeted traffic to your site, you first need to interact with your target audience.

Get your target keywords ready, click the “Find Buzz” button and then “Add Steam(s).”

BuzzBundle will fetch the most recent posts relevant to your identified keywords within the platforms you have selected.

The second step is to engage and interact with your target audience directly.

Next, I find a post where someone is talking about inbound marketing strategies.

This is where I would reply to them and give a brief explanation of my article, including a direct link, responding to the post directly.

BuzzBundle Review & Tutorial - Blog Post Comment -

Engaging Your Audience Using Social Media

BuzzBundle Review & Tutorial - Social Network Engagement -

Social media allows you to reach outside of your immediate network and engage users who have shown interest in specific articles.

Do a search for a competitive website and identify the users who retweeted an article related to yours or to your target keywords.

This allows you to leverage existing social engagements, mapping users you can engage with.

Reply with your own tweet to these users, “Hello! If you enjoyed the [article title] by [website] you should definitely check this one out!”

Click OK and your tweet is posted.

I recommend that you also add these users to Twitter lists, segmenting the lists by interests so you can connect with these people in the future.

The Power of BuzzBundle

BuzzBundle is how I’ve leveraged interests and social interaction to grow targeted traffic to my site. This is a quick and powerful solution – imagine if you spent the time doing this only a couple of hours per day!

More advanced keyword practices will supply you with additional keywords to use within your search. You want to target anything that is semantically related to your piece of content so you can continue to capture more of your target audience.

Your content marketing strategy should not only include the standard production of content and pushing to social channels, but also the targeting of your ideal audience, engaging them and suggesting the content you’ve created if it will be of interest.

This is clearly a proactive approach, removing search from the equation, and in turn this adds a lot of value and helps to build your reputation. With that confidence, you will find that people will subscribe to your site/blog and KPIs will improve.

BuzzBundle is the solution that will add another dimension to your strategy.


My Strategy

  • I take the time daily to promote recent articles using BuzzBundle
  • To build a traffic base I’ll use BuzzBundle to promote a new article for hours

BuzzBundle significantly cuts down on the time required to identify a target audience, simplifying engagement and allowing you to connect with them in a few easy steps.

This is one of the most powerful engagement tools you will find for targeted traffic generation.

It’s time to unleash that tidal wave of targeted traffic you’ve been looking for.

So give it a shot, download your free trial now!

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  • I really like BuzzBundle to promote my posts and it works well. Recently someone moaned aboput me being a spammer although I only tried to leave using genuine helpful messages using the tool.

    Anyway I keep using BuzzBundle and it keeps sending me traffic!

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