YouTube Website Annotation -
October 24, 2012

YouTube To Allow Offsite Linking Via Video Annotations

Well, well, well, video advertising is about to get a lot more interesting! Ladies and…
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Redbull Twitter Brand Page
March 20, 2012

Will Updates To Twitter Brand Pages Increase Engagement?

Twitter brand pages are certainly much different than those on Google+ and Facebook. Twitter has…
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Facebook Reach Generator Advertisement
March 15, 2012

1 In 4 Facebook Brand Pages Have Upgraded To Timeline

Facebook has reported that within a single week of the Timeline for Pages introduction, more…
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Google+ (plus) -
March 13, 2012

How Google’s Social Ads Enhance The Search Experience

Google is not aiming to inject ads into your social experience. Vic Gundotra, Google’s SVP…
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Facebook Advertising - Interest Targeting -
February 28, 2012

Facebook’s Ad Targeting Tool Improves Interest Targeting

Facebook will now allow you to paste a list of keywords within the “Precise Interests”…
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Facebook eCommerce Storefront -
February 23, 2012

Facebook & Retailers Need To Improve The User Shopping Experience

Over the past year, Nordstrom, Gap, Gamestop, and JC Penny, just to name a few,…
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