Facebook Display Advertising - Marketaire.com
January 31, 2012

Facebook Continues To Widen Lead In Internet Display Advertising

Facebook is expanding its lead in the display advertising industry, accounting for 28% of U.S.…
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Red Bull Facebook Timelime Brand Page - Marketaire.com
January 30, 2012

Facebook May Announce Timeline Brand Pages In Late Feb

A source has told Business Insider that we may be seeing brand pages officially announced…
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Get More Clicks On Twitter - CTR - Marketaire.com
January 27, 2012

How To Increase The Click-Through Rates Of Your Tweets

Dan Zarella, a social media scientist with HubSpot, has released a report illustrating how you…
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Google+ (Plus) Search Plus Your World - Marketaire.com
January 25, 2012

Social Networks Team Up To Prove Biased Google Search Results

With Google’s recent re-launch of social media based results, engineers from MySpace, Facebook and Twitter…
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IBM - Social Business - Social Media - Marketaire.com
January 12, 2012

Social Business Has Killed The Question Of Social Media ROI

The majority of us would love to have some sort of training to enhance our…
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Google+ (Plus) One - Marketaire.com
December 27, 2011

The Muppets Use Google+ Hangouts In Google’s New Ad

Have you checked out Google+ Hangouts yet? The Muppets have, and the new video ad…
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Facebook Advertising - Social Media - Marketaire.com
December 22, 2011

Facebook Wants You To Know How Their Social Advertising Works

Facebook has launched a new page designed to explain how their advertising works. Given the…
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Google+ (Plus) Page Updates - Marketaire.com
December 20, 2011

Google Announces Google+ Page Enhancements

Google+ Pages have quickly provided brands and business with new ways to connect and engage…
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Facebook Posts - Social Media - Marketaire.com
December 19, 2011

Facebook Brands Are Ignoring 50% Of Consumers’ Posts

Mr Youth has created an infographic suggesting that social media based interactions can influence a…
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