87% Of Connected Consumers Choose Websites & Mobile Sites Over Branded Apps

Enter the connected consumer. This person more than likely owns a tablet and a smartphone and thanks to Facebook, is constantly connected to friends. One in three consumers is projected to buy a tablet by 2014. Today, over 60% of people 25-34 years of age own a smartphone. We are becoming more connected. A survey by Zmags takes a look at the connected consumer and how they spend their time in the digital world.

As mobile continues to advance, so do web applications and mobile versions of websites. It’s interesting to note that only 4% of these consumers download and use branded applications. In fact, 87% prefer to use mobile and regular websites. This is fantastic news for the “tablet commerce revolution”, which suggests that tablet users are also using tablet-optimized websites such as Amazon.com. These connected consumers are not a Gen-Y, however. She is a 40-something year old woman.

The survey also looks at Facebook and labels it as an untapped opportunity. Even though many connected consumers are also connected on Facebook, more than 75%, Facebook is and won’t become a mall. While shopping on an eCommerce site, 50% of consumers are also logged into Facebook, and 40% engage with brands’ fan pages, however this doesn’t imply that they’ll turn to Facebook for online purchases.

The survey found that most consumers preferred to shop using a smartphone or via a tablet from the comfort of their couch. 87% of consumers are also using PCs and laptops to browse, research and purchase.

The survey also took a look at connected consumer demographics, 52% of which are women with an average age of 40 and an approximate annual income of $63,000. More than 16% of connected consumers own a tablet, and 43% own smartphones. For eCommerce the connected consumer prefers to use a PC/laptop to visit a website to shop, not a smartphone app.

Connected Consumer Usage - Marketaire.com

The Zmags survey was done with a relatively small sample of people, 1500 in the US. There is no mention of location, race, gender, or age.

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