Drastically Improve PPC Performance With An Exact Match Domain

There are a variety of factors that contribute to good performance when it comes to online advertising, but questions are rarely asked about the domain name itself and how a highly relevant name can contribute to performance. Memorable Domains has completed a study showing the effect that an exact match domain name has on the number of clicks. During their testing they saw a 50% improvement in clicks when using an exact match domain. Yeah! Go get yours now.

Exact Match Domain Name Study

For the domain name behaviours study, Memorable Domains kept the campaign fairly straight forward and stayed within a limited geographical area, however the results are quite interesting. Three Google AdWords campaigns were set up with identical ad copy, the difference being the targeted domain name for each ad. The primary domain name used was ElectricBicycles.co.uk, being an exact match for the keyword electric bicycles. The other two domain names were YourBikes.co.uk and InAHurry.co.uk.

The results showed a 42% improvement in CTR for the exact match domain; however there were other benefits, as well. Memorable Domains also reported that the ad was displayed more often and had a higher quality score, the end result being a 105% click advantage over InAHurry.co.uk and a 45% advantage over YourBikes.co.uk. Those are some serious click differences!

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Performance - Exact Match Domain Results - Marketaire.com

TheDomains.com determined that the success of the exact match domain came down to the close match between the domain itself and the actual product searched, regardless of the ad group keywords used. Automatic bolding of the search terms was also present in the domain when searched, as well as the potential for the domain itself to impact ad quality score.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Performance - Exact Match Domain - Marketaire.com

Get Creative!

This is one of the first dedicated studies that have examined the impact a domain name has on pay-per-click (PPC) performance, and the benefit in CTR and total clicks leveraged by the domain name itself is impressive.

Given the major impact shown within this study, consider running a test campaign within your industry to see how effective this can be for you. Creating this level of advantage could mean drastic improvements within an industry, especially those that are highly competitive. A big improvement in impression share is expected for a campaign like this. For those Internet marketing consultants or agency professionals, this could be a great client up sell into a lead generation site and a second PPC campaign with a dedicated budget.

Creativity and innovation will drive success in our dynamic digital world. Come get a taste.

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