e-CRM: Building Customer Relationships And Communication On-Site

When it comes to businesses with an online presence, attracting potential customers has been straightforward, generally done through online advertising, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or social media. Once customers are on the site businesses are able to use analytics to see where users are from, both geographically and through online sources, measuring how they’re engaging, however we are still unable to create a customer profile based on a single visitor.

That’s where Intercom comes in. Intercom is in the business of developing customer relationship management (CRM) and engagement products that help you not only profile those who visit your site, but engage with them.

Setting your site up with these products is a piece of cake, you drop a line of JavaScript into your site and poof, the magic happens! Businesses will now be able to pull social data on registered users and engage them with personalized messages. Intercom has the ability to grab a user’s social profile link, their general location and can also determine how long they’re been active on the website.

Website e-CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Social Profiles - Marketaire.com

From a business perspective, being able to reach out and engage with a potential customer is a very valuable website feature to have. Perhaps a user has a question about a product or service, you can be proactive and offer information or guidance, a unique experience that many will appreciate.

It’s important to remember that this will not be a solution for all users, some prefer to browse, weigh their options and ultimately make a purchase or not without the need for interaction. By using tools like these in moderation with a structured strategy in mind, companies will quickly realize the full potential and value.

Website e-CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Profile History - Marketaire.com

When it comes to measuring your most valuable users, Intercom also tracks customer relationships over time, presenting stats on the profile level.

The app is presently in private beta, at the moment you can sign up here.

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