Facebook’s Ad Targeting Tool Improves Interest Targeting

Facebook will now allow you to paste a list of keywords within the “Precise Interests” section when setting up an ad on the network. Once you’re in the targeting section of the ad buying tool, Facebook will let you paste an interest/keyword list by clicking the little plus sign next to the Precise Interest field.

Facebook Ad - Interest Targeting - Marketaire.com

Once clicked, a box will pop up allowing you to “Paste in a list of saved terms.” A screenshot is located below.

Facebook Ad Targeting Tool - User Interests - Marketaire.com

The real benefit is that even if your list of keywords may not yet be among the precise interests for targeting, Facebook will find related keywords for you.

Given the nature of social advertising and how Facebook is constantly aiming to leverage and innovate, increasing reach and improving relevancy, these same keywords may become available for targeting in the future.  In the meantime, you may want to use this new option to further enhance interest targeting. Google’s keyword tool could also be of value here, especially for searching for keyword derivatives. If you’re interested in analyzing search trends, Google’s Insights for Search can help give you an idea of local search trends. With this new feature you just have to pick a general topic and look at what you want on your news feed.

Will this new ad feature influence the way you approach ad targeting? If you’re not in the social advertising game, are you considering it?

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