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You’re browsing Facebook and you get a new notification – a new fan or customer has liked one of your posts or left a comment about your business!

Engagement on your Facebook page can definitely make your day.

While engagement is great, the sad reality is that it’s probably not having much of an impact on the business side, and a thriving customer base is a must have for long-term success.

And let’s face it, you’ll end up with Facebook fans that will never end up leaving Facebook, which means they will never make it into your business as a customer.

This is where a Facebook landing page will help.

I’ve worked with businesses who have had outstanding results by publishing a landing page as a custom Facebook tab – we’re talking significant business impact. I’ll touch on that more in a bit.

Before digging into the awesome resources I know and trust, an important disclosure:

Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Please understand that I have experience with Leadpages, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something.

Please do not spend any money unless you feel that Leadpages will help you achieve your goals.

Now, back to Facebook Landing Pages! It sounds like publishing a landing page to Facebook is an involved process. It’s not. It’s simple, and Leadpages makes it really easy for you (you can also try it out for 14 days totally free – yep, there’s that affiliate link)!

3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Landing Page

Maybe you’re using Facebook to build a loyal following on your Facebook page, or maybe you’re using Facebook ads to reach your target audience.

A Facebook landing page will help influence your audience to take a desired action, and these landing pages are much more effective than others. Here’s why.

1. A Facebook Landing Page Doesn’t Require You To “Build on Rented Land”

Facebook is great, but what would happen if it vanished from the Earth tomorrow – where would this leave your business?

This obviously isn’t going to happen, but the fact is that if your audience only exists on Facebook, you’re putting your relationship with your audience at risk.

Who knows what will happen with a new algorithm change or if Facebook makes a new business decision with Facebook pages.

Even if everything remains the same, you can’t “own” your Facebook fans like you can own an email list or a client database. And the unfortunate truth is that it’s getting harder and harder to reach your Facebook fans through your organic posts.

By creating a Facebook landing page that is designed to get your fans or audience to opt-in to an email list, you’re creating the opportunity for your audience to experience your content beyond social media.

This opens a new world of future communication, such as sending them personalized messages, product related information or announcements, any upcoming events, and even discounts or giveaways.

Even more importantly, you can use email automation to passively turn them into your customers!

You have a much greater chance to connect with your audience if your fans are on your list.

2. A Facebook Landing Page Will Deliver Higher Opt-In Rates (More Often Than Not)

On Facebook, your exact same landing page is likely to drive more opt-ins.


When you’re directing people off Facebook, particularly to a landing page, they may not be familiar with your brand and they are less likely to respond to your lead generation campaigns.

In an age where every website and business is asking for personal contact information, these visitors are wary about giving it out to an unknown business, or one they may not be completely familiar with.

If your target audience is your Facebook fans, or a wider audience through Facebook ads, their experience will be much more seamless with a Facebook landing page.

Maybe your audience has liked, commented, or shared a post. If they have, chances are they’ve seen more of your content, as well.

There is a high level of trust and a feeling of security on Facebook. Your audience will feel much more comfortable giving you their contact information on Facebook rather than a 3rd party site.

Even if they are a first-time visitor to your landing page, there’s a familiarity with Facebook that can lend extra trust and credibility to your offer.

I’ve used Facebook landing pages with my own audience, and I’ve seen the cost-per-opt-in about halved due to a cheaper CPC and higher opt-in rates. Again, that’s taking an existing landing page – without changing a thing – and publishing it as a custom Facebook tab.

In my test, Campaign 1 targeted a landing page hosted on Marketaire. Campaign 2 targeted a landing page that was directly on Facebook.

Campaign 1: Targeting Landing Page on Marketaire.com
Opt-Ins: 152, Cost-Per-Opt-In: $2.54

Marketaire Tripwire LE LP - Marketaire

Campaign 2: Targeting Facebook Landing Page (Tripwire)
Opt-Ins: 549, Cost-Per-Opt-In: $1.20

Marketaire Tripwire LE Landing Page - Marketaire

The overall cost-per-opt-in dropped by more than half when sending traffic on Facebook! Again, this is the same landing page.

3. A Facebook Landing Page Is a Perfect Destination for Facebook Ads

One thing that attracted me to Leadpages was the fact that I could easily add a landing page to Facebook.

It’s a fact that you will see a cheaper cost-per-click when sending traffic within Facebook, and in this case you would be driving people to a custom Facebook tab.

And it makes sense, doesn’t it?

Facebook loves it when you drive traffic within Facebook. They want people to spend more time using it.

Of course the overall ad costs will depend on how your audience and ads are set up so lower ad costs are not exactly a guarantee, but I promise you it is worth testing. It’s likely to have a significant impact on your campaign performance.

Start Turning Your Facebook Audience Into Real Customers in Minutes

Using Leadpages, all it takes is a single click to publish any landing page as a custom Facebook tab.

If you want people to opt in to something, you’re going to want a simple landing page with minimal options and distractions. And there’s a lot of flexibility in the types of landing pages that perform well on Facebook, here are just a few possibilities:

  • Simple “free gift” opt-in pages
  • Free event or webinar signup pages
  • Contest entry pages
  • Free consultation signup pages
  • Coupon pages

Leadpages themselves offer a free course for download on their Facebook landing page. They focus on how their clients can successfully build a Webinar Marketing Funnel, concentrating on content that teaches how to fully utilize the tools they provide (Leadpages).

Facebook Landing Page - Tripwire - Marketaire

If you’re in an industry and you’re able to share great information with your Facebook audience, informational downloads make for fantastic giveaways.

Drip is another company that uses Leadpages to offer a free course, and they offer PDFs, videos, and more directly from their Facebook page.

Facebook Landing Page - Drip Email - Marketaire

Try Publishing Your Facebook Landing Page Right Now

By creating a Facebook landing page you are able to grow your email list and have more control with your Facebook marketing.

If you already have Leadpages, you need to publish a Facebook landing page right now to start converting more of your Facebook audience.

This is seriously how easy it is:

Facebook Landing Page - Leadpages - Marketaire

If you’re not using Leadpages yet, you should know that their custom Facebook tab feature is the best and quickest way to publish a landing page directly to your Facebook page.

I’ve tried a few companies who have attempted it, but the ease of use and the full suite of features just wasn’t there.

Leadpages provides great value and flexible plans (why I use them). I recommend checking out their 14 day free trial to see if this is something that will work for you.

How are you using Facebook landing pages for your business? Share in the comments!

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