What Is Your Facebook Page Post Reach?

Have you ever considered just how far your Facebook page posts reach? Well, here’s an easy way to figure it out. You’ll be using page insights data to calculate the percentage of Facebook fans that actually view your content.

Total reach/total fans = the average organic reach per post

The example below is using insights from a Facebook page with 5,718 fans, highlighting the most recent ten page posts, and calculating a total reach of 14,891. When you divide the total reach by the number of page posts (the ten most recent in this case) you get a reach of 1,490 fan reached per post, as an average.

With each column representing unique users, and with the page not running any sort of advertising, as an average we can conclude that each post reaches 26% of fans organically.

For reference, Facebook revealed a 16% average reach during their announcement of the new Reach Generator ad program.

If you’re looking for a more precise average, there are third party analytic tools to help you, but for the casual administrator, this is an easy way to break out engagement and performance to determine just how effective your page is.

How does your page stack up against Facebook’s average?

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