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With all the attention surrounding social media, a lot of companies have been weak when it comes to measurement within their own social graph. Take Twitter, for example. Analytics? Insights? Nah. Luckily, Facebook is stepping up the plate with an update of the Admin dashboard for Pages.

When logged in as a Page admin you are able to see centralized information about all the Facebook Pages that you’re managing – no more jumping page to page, an overview has been provided for you. To access your overview, click on the Pages tab located in the left-hand navigation of your admin profile homepage.

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Once on your overview page you will see that your Pages are sorted in descending order positioned by the number of people who have liked each Page. For each page you are able to:

– View and clear notifications of new activity
– View the total number of Page Likes
– View the number of new Page Likes (hover above Total Likes)
– View the number of Actives (people who have interacted with or viewed your page or its posts
– See when your page was last updated
– Switch to being logged in as your page

If you would like to see more insights about an individual Page that you’re managing, click the “More” link located beneath the Page activity, from there you will be directed to the complete insights view for that particular Page.

The new dashboard clearly comes in handy if you’re a business or an Internet marketing agency/consultant who manages multiple Pages for a variety of clients. It also shows that Facebook is working to improve the quality of their internal analytics system, which is becoming increasingly important for those promoting their Pages through ads or any sort of traffic driving exercise.

Want a quick and easy link to access all the Pages that you manage? You got it! Click here for the overview page.

So, what do you think? Will you be using the new dashboard for ‘at a glance’ stats?

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