Facebook Promoted Posts Outperform Marketplace Ads With 68% Lower CPCs

Strategists in the Internet marketing world are always looking to new and exciting technologies, especially when it comes to advertising and improving campaign performance. Of course with Facebook there’s the big question of reach and response – what type of ad will net you the most bang for your buck?

Well friends, there may be an answer.

Nanigans, a Facebook advertising company, has recently discovered that Promoted Posts (FB page posts in the news feed) are by far outperforming Facebook’s marketplace ads (right sidebar ads). Nanigans discovered that click-through-rates for Promoted Posts are 45 times higher and generate a ROI 14 percent higher than traditional marketplace ads.

With the intention to analyze an advertiser’s ROI on Facebook, Nanigans used a sample of more than 975 million ad impressions that were delivered by a variety of retailers throughout December 2012 and into January 2013. It isn’t much of a surprise that ads presented within the main news feed are outperforming those in the sidebar, especially given ‘ad blindness’ that users have adopted over the years.

Nanigans also found page post ads to be considerably cheaper as an average, having a 68 percent lower cost-per-click and a 48 percent lower cost-per-action. An average page post ad saw CPCs ranging from $0.14-$0.16.

Promoted Posts are also an extremely effective option for mobile advertising within Facebook, with CTRs 1.9 times higher in comparison to desktop activity, as well as CPCs that are 46 percent lower on mobile compared to desktop.

You’re heading over to Facebook to test out a Promoted Posts campaign now, aren’t you? Money, baby.

Facebook Promoted Posts vs. Marketplace Ads - Marketaire.com

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