Facebook Testing New “Pages Feed” Feature

There are reports that a few Facebook users have been seeing a new “Pages Feed” link that displays a Liked page’s updates within a single stream. The new feature appears as though Facebook is working to display more posts from pages that a user may be interested in. Naturally, as activity increases from both users and pages, the News Feed can become cluttered, not to mention increased competition for what a user sees.

Facebook Pages Feed Feature - Marketaire.comFacebook has algorithms that determine the best mixture of content for each user and they are regularly adjusting these as a result. Unfortunately there have been many user complaints that people are missing posts they would prefer to see, and many page owners have been vocal about content exposure, seeing it as limiting their marketing efforts.

The new Pages Feed test presently going on, along with news that users may opt into notifications when a Liked page posts an update, shows that Facebook is working to provide an easy way to ensure that fans are exposed to page updates they actually want to see. This also gets around cluttering one’s News Feed with posts from both friends and businesses. This segmentation makes sense, and it actually existed back in 2009-2010, though it disappeared for some reason. Still, it’s a good idea; I don’t know how many times I’ve relied on Twitter lists to get content.

Facebook Pages Feed Listing - Marketaire.com

For those that are part of the test group and are interested in checking out the Pages Feed, you can find a link within the bookmarks sidebar, which is on the left-hand side of Facebook near the Like Pages link. For those that can’t see the feature, you can view the feed by clicking here.

The introduction of this feature doesn’t appear to eliminate all page posts from the primary feed, and the News Feed will more than likely continue to display sponsored content and top posts, however the Pages Feed will be there for an unfiltered feed of page activity.

What do you think? Will this help with page engagement? Will you find yourself using the feature? Let  us know in the comments below!

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