Facebook Testing Post Based Coupons & Premium Ads

Facebook has begun testing a new form of interactive ad that will allow pages to post a coupon to fans and use that same post as an ad on the Facebook homepage. When a user sees an ad or page post containing a deal they would like to take advantage of, they can click the “Get Coupon” link. This action can also be posted directly to a user’s wall, something that has the potential to penetrate a friend-base, making the coupon much more viral.

Facebook Post Coupon Ad - Marketaire.com

After clicking, the user will receive an email from Facebook containing the coupon, along with the ability to share it with friends. Though this new feature is presently in limited testing, Facebook has also said that pages can offer discounts that customers can redeem in-store or online.

This form of coupon promoting is different than Facebook’s Check-In Deals, which is a promotional tool for businesses that allows them to offer coupons to those who visit their physical location and check in via Facebook. Check-In Deals are also only available through mobile.

Facebook Coupon Email - Marketaire.com

Facebook has been pushing advertisers to use their new “page post ads”, allowing pages to promote an existing post within the page. For advertisers interested in running premium ads on the home page, Facebook introduced an expended ad unit that displays the thumbnails of friends who have connected to the advertiser’s page. Premium ads are not available to all pages and advertisers.

Facebook also began testing with daily deals earlier in the year; however the pre-paid coupon service was cut after a four month test.

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