Facebook Throws Sponsored Stories Into Your News Ticker. Annoyed yet?

Facebook has begun rolling out its latest update: Sponsored stories will begin to appear in your news ticker. Yes, that scrolling, never-ending Twitter-esque box in the upper right hand corner of your Facebook homepage. The one that people love to hate. Well, hate on, haters.

Sliding Sponsored Stories into the news ticker is an inevitable step by Facebook, after all, brands and websites need to advertise, right? The interesting part is that users weren’t keen on the ticker to begin with. There’s been a ton of complaints and it’s commonly referred to as “a stalker tool.” Well, now it’s also an advertising tool.

Facebook Sponsored Stories News Ticker - Marketaire.comSponsored stories already appear in your news feed, however Facebook uses an algorithm to determine what to display based on a user’s page likes, check-ins, page post likes, app shares, apps used, domain stories and games played. It’s impossible to opt out of them entirely; however you can click on the “X” in the upper right-hand corner of stories if you choose to hide them. Sponsored Stories will work in the same way with the news ticker integration. You’re able to “X” Sponsored Stories in the ticker just as you can throughout the site. You’re able to hide an individual story or you can choose to hide all stories from a Page or App.

Prior to Sponsored Stories rolling out to the news ticker, they were only seen on canvas pages of apps; pages that appear when users played a game or used an app.

Are you a hater of Sponsored Stories in your news ticker, or does relevant advertising have its place?

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