Facebook’s New “Posted About” News Feed Feature Links To Pages

Facebook has made an attempt to make your News Feed more relevant by grouping status updates by topic. Facebook’s content algorithm will lump together posts of similar topics, so you’ll see a single News Feed story rather than multiple separate posts by friends.

Users presently have the ability to tag Pages that they Like when writing a status update by using the @ operator, however the majority of users are unaware of this feature, choose not to tag Pages, or simply don’t care for the Pages (like a brand) that they could potentially tag. When an update is tagged, Facebook can link those updates to Pages, which is where Posted About Stories originate from, personalizing advertising. This is good for Facebook and good for businesses.

Posted About stories pull relevant, popular content and actions from a user’s social graph, displaying trending topics that are personalized. The key difference between Twitter’s trending topics and Facebook’s is the level of personalization that the social graph provides. Facebook is aiming to create content relevancy without intruding on usability.

Facebook Posted About - Marketaire.comThe downside here is that Facebook is unable to determine sentiment of updates, meaning someone could say something either good or bad about a Page, or perhaps they mention a Page without it being the focus on the update. This is potentially bad news for businesses that run Pages, as negative comments may be found and grouped with other references.

It’s unfortunate that users don’t have any control of these types of updates, especially if they’re criticizing a Page in their update, or if their update happens to create references on a different topic altogether. From Facebook’s perspective, organizing this type of content gives them much more to leverage when comes to advertising.

Having a link from an update to Pages is very significant, and will add a new level to how users and brands interact. Users can be exposed to Pages even if their friends haven’t Liked it, and this will undoubtedly increase Page Likes through News Feed exposure. Brands that are active with Pages will taste the true social benefit, pulling in any users’ posts that happen to mention the Page as a topic, therefore increasing Likes, page exposure and conversion.

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