Facebook’s User Engagement Has Jumped 31% Over The Last Year

Facebook has developed something special with the “Like” button. It’s easy to click, and it is becoming an increasingly important part of how people interact throughout Facebook. So important that users have engaged with Facebook pages 31% higher than last year. When looking at where this increase in engagement is coming from, 84% has been from the “Like” button, 15% were from comments and 1% were from shares, stats that have stemmed from a report by Efficient Frontier.

Facebook User Engagement Chart 2011 - Marketaire.comThe popularity of the “Like” button certainly doesn’t come as a surprise, it actually has become second nature for most, involving very little thought or effort. “Liking” has become impulsive, a thumbs up reaction to content. Commenting involves a little more thought and requires a bit more effort – sharing takes even more time. Sure, engagement is up, but the overall quality of engagement hasn’t exactly as meaningful as it could be.

Creating Connections Between People & Content

Facebook has stepped things up a notch by adding a new feature, “People talking about this page”, a metric that accounts for all engagement within a page. This includes all sorts of goodies, such as Likes, Comments, and Shares; but also includes actions that you may not regularly think of. Apart from standard interaction, “People talking about this page” also includes things like RSVP’s, check-ins, answers to questions, and more.

With Facebook announcing support for customer OpenGraph user actions and object tagging, the new features play a large role in the new focus on engagement. Facebook has lowered the barrier from affinity to action, making the creation of connections between people and content much more natural.

By creating features that include all types of engagement, whether it’s interaction with posts by friends, content consumption, and custom app actions, Facebook is shifting focus from fan acquisition to fan engagement. From a social media marketing perspective, page owners will begin to seriously focus on optimizing social campaigns by increasing engagement, especially given the new level of reach throughout the network. From a quality perspective, this is fantastic for page fans, as it will result in high quality content that they want to engage with.

Do you think that lifestreaming will become an increasingly popular trend within Facebook? Share your thoughts with us below.

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