Google Launches Shortlists For Google Shopping

Google has been busy rolling out new shopping features for the upcoming holiday season, most notably the shift of their Google Shopping product from organic search to a paid search model back in October.

One of the more useful tools is called “Shortlists”, which is like the Google Docs of shopping. Users are able to create Pinterest-like boards containing products of different categories, which includes an image, pricing information and other product info. Users can also invite others to view and/or contribute to the boards, which can be useful for crowdsourcing gift ideas with family members or friends.

Google Shopping - Shortlists -

Google has also updated their product listings to allow for 360 degree views of some products. Google Shopping products containing this feature will display a little swivel icon on the product image.

Google has also begun integrating reviews that are displayed beneath product images, along with any discounts and/or special offers from third-party retailers.

Will you be using any Google Shopping products this holiday season?

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