Google+ Users Can Now Share & Follow Circles

Google+ has been a bit of a wild ride when it comes to finding relevant content. Luckily, Google recently added a search function so you can find what you want, but they’ve also enhanced content organization by allowing you to share your Circles with friends. Circles have been a great way to organize contacts, but to date it’s been for the sole benefit of the user. Now, we’re able to share interesting groups with each other. Circles aren’t just filters anymore, they’re conversions.

There’s a bit of a catch, however. The Circle you decide to share will be limited in a sense; the person you’re sharing with will not see any Circle member updates you’ve made after the share, and other people’s shared Circle copies will remain the same.

It’s nice that Google is taking a more open approach with Circles, we can begin to see a bigger vision for how people can interact. Twitter had given Lists a shot, something that was shareable, but Circles are well above and beyond those in social nature. Threaded conversions provide organization and relevance, as well as many other advantages. Conversation can flow because someone who just checked a post can easily figure out what’s going on.

Circles are at the core of Google+, Twitter Lists aren’t used all that much by most. There’s been a lot of active Plus users who have used Circles for a variety of things, and now we have a much more open way to share, follow, and contribute to conversation.

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