Google’s Q2 Earnings: $9.02 Billion, Google+ Users Hit 10 Million

With Q2 earning results coming in, Google is ahead of the pack, reporting $9.02 billion in gross revenue for Q2 of this year – a substantial increase compared to 2010: up 32%. Google CEO Larry Page has noted that their $9 billion in revenue was record breaking, their net income raking in $2.51 billion, up $1.84 billion in Q2 of 2010. When breaking down the earnings, Google’s various websites made up the bulk at 69% of the total $9.02 billion in revenue, resulting in $6.23 billion. 2010’s figures were $4.50 billion, clearly spelling significant growth.

In other impressive stats, the number of Android devices that are being activated daily is 550,000. Late last month the reported figure was only 500,000 daily activations, showing solid month to month growth. The Android Market is also up with six billion total downloads to date. For competition sake, let’s hope RIM is focusing on launching a QNX phone instead of messing around with other competitive tech.

Internet Marketing With Google+

Larry Page also announced that more than 10 million users have joined Google+, sharing an average of one billion items per day! Unimpressed? How about the +1 button? It’s clicked 2.3 billion times per day alone. These are some impressive stats, and the growth of Google+ is outpacing Facebook when comparing the two from the early adoption period.
Google +1 (Plus One) Button - Marketaire.comWhat does this mean for Internet marketers? Build your Google+ following now and keep an eye on Google+ brand/business pages, they’re going to be big. Having that network of users to push to your business page will be highly valuable, especially given the open nature of Google+. Who knows? Maybe Google will even incorporate a social variation of Product Listing Ads.

It will take some time before Google+ hits the 750 million Facebook addict level, but they’re certainly on the right track. Of course with 85% of search market share and full product integration, Google will be putting up a hell of a fight.

Who will end up King?

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