How Predictive Analytics & Content Optimization Will Boost Your Traffic

With analytics and measurement becoming increasingly more advanced, there are companies out there that offer products that allow you to legitimately predict how your traffic will respond to your site’s content. Adobe has recently launched a new service called SearchCenter+, and another company, Visual Revenue, offers features that also aim to help you better optimize your content and ad buys for your site. Content optimization done right can boost your traffic by 25% or more, clearly a welcome figure for anyone who closely follows their site stats.

Adobe SearchCenter+

Adobe SearchCenter+ is a component of Adobe’s Online Marketing Suite that has been obtained from Omniture, and included are predictive analytics based around keyword performance, done through a partnership with OptiMine Software, Inc. The key here is analyzing and predicting which keyword combinations will yield better results.

Visual Revenue

Visual Revenue is offering a service that is much more editorial content based, rather than looking at keywords and ad analytics. They have developed an analytics system that looks at your home page traffic (or a specified page) and predicts what your traffic will be like only a few minutes into the future. For websites that generate massive amounts of content consistently, the approach should be focused on the optimal placement of content not of the present visitor, but for the visitor of the near future.

Website Content - Recommendation Value -

To get started, the Visual Revenue team has you place a tracking pixel across all pages so their consultants can analyze a minimum of two weeks worth of visits and engagement prior to optimization recommendations. The minimum fee to get started is $1000/month, which is affordable considering the gains you can expect from improved user engagement, and the target site must also receive five million or more page views per month. This type of solution is also ideal for editorial-rich sites that may not have new content constantly being created, offering value through resequencing content to make the most out of every visit.

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