How To Get Paid To Blog: 7 Top Paid Review Sites

Anyone that’s done a bit of research knows that there are nearly countless ways to make money online, however in this post I’m limiting the focus to how you can make money blogging, specifically through an increasingly popular method: the paid review writing business.

There are a variety of these writing services throughout the web, many of which process payments through PayPal, paying out anywhere from a range of $25-$100+ per paid post, dependent on the article content and what site the article will be published on.

I’ve included a top list of paid review sites where advertisers will pay you to write and publish paid reviews on your site(s). Let’s begin!

1. Pay Per Post

Get Paid To Blog - Pay Per Post -

Pay Per Post presents you with advertiser opportunities where you have the option to accept, decline, or negotiate a preferred payout. There are no advertiser-set prices and no wait time for blog approval.

Minimum Payout : $50.00

Payment Option : PayPal

2. Social Spark

Get Paid To Blog - SocialSpark -

Social Spark boasts a premium sponsorship marketplace where advertisers will offer compensation in return for writing an article surrounding their websites, products, and services on your own blog. Featuring some of the world’s biggest brands, this is one to look into!

Minimum Payout : $25.00

Payment Option : PayPal

3. Review Me

Get Paid To Blog - Review Me -

Review Me offers the opportunity to generate revenue through products you find interesting. The product review payout range is $20 – $200. This could be an interesting one, and particularly complimentary if you’re already doing reviews on your site or are planning to integrate review functionality in the future.

Minimum Payout : No minimum (PayPal), $25 (cheque) & $25 (Prepaid MasterCard)

Payment Option : PayPal, Prepaid MasterCard & cheque.

4. PayU2Blog

Get Paid To Blog - PayU2Blog -

6. Link Worth

Get Paid To Blog - Linkworth -

Link Worth allows you to review a website, product or service in your own words. You are presented with guidelines of acceptable writing, and the advertiser may also provide content for you to use. Once you have completed the review, the advertiser can review and approve/decline the piece of writing. They pay around 70% for each LinkPost written and everything is automated, making this sound like a quick and easy process.

Minimum Payout : $25 (PayPal) and $50 (For Others)

Payment Options : PayPal, Direct Deposit (US Based Banking Only), Bank to Bank wire (Non-US Banks), and Business Cheque.

7. Blogsvertise

Get Paid To Blog - Blogsvertise -

Blogvertise allows you to monetize your blog in a variety of ways, including sponsored article posting, to increase your income/revenue. Advertisers seek a variety of categories and niches for sponsored posts and you’re not required to endorse the website product/service.

Minimum Payout : No min.

Payment Option : PayPal

Final Thoughts

Writing review posts is a newer monetization method for websites and/or blogs, a fantastic option to explore should the promoted post fall in line with your niche.

I personally haven’t used any of these paid review networks. However, I would recommend giving them each a shot to get a feel for advertiser quality and overall experience, particularly due to the fact that bigger networks will attract new advertisers, giving you a fresh website, product or service to promote.

Best of luck on your ‘getting paid to blog’ journey!

Brett Prince

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