How To Sell Using Powerful Video Marketing

It’s a fact: video has become one of the most effective ways to market on the web. This isn’t something new of course, companies have been using video to market their products for years, however now there’s a different level of exposure. Video marketing itself has a variety of moving parts, from the development of a video marketing campaign, using SEO for video pushes, and an approach that we’ve seen wildly successful on the web, viral video marketing strategies. One major element worth highlighting for added exposure and to propel an idea or business forward is to create that “sensation” status. How do you do that? With a quality product trailer.

Video Marketing: Product Trailers

A product trailer is designed as a showcase for your product or service, similar to movie trailers that hype a new film. Like movie trailers, your video needs to be entertaining, concise, and high quality. Entertainment can come in many different forms, however comedic and informative videos tend to do well, just don’t make it longer than two minutes to keep a viewer’s attention. Product trailers have a lot of flexibility when it comes to applying it. You can promote it on a video site such as YouTube, place it on the front of your e-commerce site, or even use it as an informative video at the bottom of blog posts. The idea here is to explain your product or service in simple, easy to understand terms. The video can even be something unique that’s related to your field.

Video Marketing Success

A lot of video marketing attempts fail. Many people have seen some company YouTube video channel with 30 different videos, most probably having less than 50 views. The idea was there, but there was something flawed with the delivery, and those videos are not a positive return on investment. The videos could be poor quality, but it’s also important to consider the SEO side: can people find them? The bottom line is that videos need to drive traffic and make you money, even if it’s down the line.

Rather than creating 30 separate videos, consider using your time and resources for careful planning and development to create a super trailer! Once the trailer is developed, find 50 different news sites and/or online magazines to distribute the video to. Think of all the sites that pick up funny or interesting content, they’re growing every day. At this point you have created the potential for social media sharing, which could result in some serious exposure for your company. This type of approach creates much more value rather than trying to get results with multiple videos. There’s a huge difference!

Tim Ferriss Book Trailer

So what’s the potential here? New York Times best-selling author Tim Ferris created a 59-second book trailer and saw his book jump from number 150 to number 30 on Amazon immediately after the video trailer launch. That’s impressive. The trailer also debuted on The Huffington Post and even received TV exposure!

The video was professionally produced, carefully planned and they had a budget. A homemade video look can work, but a professional video will speak volumes about your brand and your product, giving the viewer, and potential customer, a much better impression. Remember, you’re trying to sell.

So given the requirement for quality and planning, is producing several videos a bad idea? Definitely not. In fact, if you establish a brand or product, a series of videos can be highly valuable. Multiple quality videos will not only increase exposure, but you’re also creating that stickiness for your video channel.

To start a video marketing campaign or when tweaking your current ill performing video campaign, all you have to do is brainstorm using some of the guidelines above. If you start jotting down ideas you will be surprised with what you come up with. Grab someone else for perspective, too!

So how about it? Do you have any killer ideas for an ultimate product trailer? What sort of video marketing push would be best for you?

Leave your comment below and let the brainstorming begin!

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