How To Submit Your Own News Article To Marketaire

Have you considered submitting an article to Marketaire but aren’t sure of what the benefits are? Maybe you have that killer article in your head but aren’t sure of the next step. Whatever is causing you to hold back, below are reasons why you should gear up and get your article written and submitted!

Reach tens of thousands of industry professionals and business owners

Our subscribers continue to climb. Every month the numbers get bigger, and exposure is definitely something to consider: people will see your work. This is a fantastic way to get yourself known in the industry.

Get valuable feedback

People will tweet and share your article, commenting along the way. This can give you an idea of popular types of content and formatting, what people love to see and what they don’t care all that much about.

Good articles mean pageviews

If you write a successful article, it can generate a lot of traffic. We have older articles that are still hitting 10,000’s of pageviews a month, some of which are nearly a year old.

Get people interested in the industry visiting your links

Marketaire’s visitor click-through rate is very high compared to other industry related sites. When we link to reference something in an article, people click, so if you want eyeballs, create something that’s compelling. We receive thousands of hits per day – that’s a lot of people looking at your work!

Badge of Honour

It’s true, we set the bar high. Our reader’s expectations are high and we reject 10 article submissions for every 1 that we accept. This is a badge of honour, and in a lot of cases, worthy of a resume – particularly in the world of Web.

As an example, check out our article on Fueling Your Local SEO Strategy With Google Places. This is still a popular blog that has ended up with nearly 500 tweets and close to 200 LinkedIn shares! The article isn’t too complex, but the graphic pulls the reader into the post quickly.

Get a job!

Yes, business professionals within the industry visit our site. If you’re able to share your knowledge through written word, you will more than likely to receive some calls/emails if you’re strategic about it. We also promote our content within LinkedIn, the perfect business arena to showcase your talent!


If you want to get top search engine ranks with your article but don’t have the appropriate website for it, Marketaire has a lot of juice and ability to compete. We optimize all of our articles with both on-page and off-page SEO, so you can expect good page engagement and value added.

You get a damn live link!

We have a ton of link juice coursing through our pages and you can take advantage. All submissions go through an editorial approval process. All approved writers are allowed a link back to their website and/or a reference to their Twitter handle.

What we look for when reviewing Marketaire article entries

The simple fact is that if you submit an article that is clear, concise, written well and shows thought, your entry will likely be approved. We’re happy to post beginner level articles along with more seasoned articles. In fact, if we think a post is good but needs a bit of extra help to turn it into something great, we’ll work with you to get the post just right!

Use images!

Photos and images do a fantastic job of breaking up the content, making it more readable. They can also give your article that extra “oomph”, often times illustrating a point. Plus, great articles along with graphics tend to do really well.

For example, take a look at our post titled “Five Stages of Social Engagement.” The article is about the different stages of social engagement, including some great visuals, which really made the post engaging.

Come up with a unique and relevant image to complement your article. If the article is relatively short, a single image is fine, but if it’s a bit longer, break it up with multiple images. Here are a few image examples:

Screenshots with highlighted areas
Charts and graphics

Unique Content

Make sure the content is unique, we do search for duplicate content and if we find the article on another site, we will reject your submission automatically. It’s beneficial for you to submit content that is unique.

Spell check and Grammar check

We do read through every submission and will make changes as required. However, if the article is riddled with required grammar changes and misspellings, your submission probably won’t get approved. If it’s a good article we may send it back to you and ask for it to be redone, but it seriously has to be “knock your socks off” good at that point.

When it comes down to it, aim to have fun with your article and don’t hold back! It’s nice to have articles that cover a variety of subjects, just make sure they’re relevant to the industry and semi-news worthy – include recent data, trends, products, strategies. Your article doesn’t have to be specifically about SEO or social media, but if it touches on something under the Internet Marketing banner then it will usually hit the mark! If you happen to have any questions feel free to email me or send me a message on Twitter. Honestly, I’m more than happy to help you get your entry posted.

You can submit your article to brett AT The subject line should begin with “MARKETAIRE GUEST ARTICLE PITCH” (note CAPS). Submissions should be in English only, submitted as an attached file (doc, docx) with only hyperlinks marked up. If there are images in the attached file for positioning reference, please include them as attachments as well, as we will upload these to the server. Please include your author name, a brief description about yourself (industry likes, etc.) website URL (if applicable) and/or a link to your Twitter handle.

Only under certain circumstances will we accept pitches from PR companies promoting clients.

Have fun!

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