How To Increase The Click-Through Rates Of Your Tweets

Dan Zarella, a social media scientist with HubSpot, has released a report illustrating how you can get the highest number of click-throughs when tweeting. We knew some of the information presented in the infographic below, such as Tweeting between 120 and 130 characters will increasing the likelihood of getting retweeted more frequently than longer and shorter tweets, and sending tweets as a slower pace will result in more clicks. Other findings were interesting, however. Specifically, the increase in click through rates for tweets containing “daily is out”, which is posted by users.

Remember, if you’re driving traffic to your own site through Twitter, you can do a similar type of analysis through Google Analytics. By creating an Advanced Segment in analytics, you will be able to accurately measure on-site performance for traffic sources that you choose. For something like Twitter, once tweeted you can see how those users have engaged with your content and site, analyzing and refining your content marketing strategy based on popular content, layout and design and more.

If you’re not doing so already, be sure to register an account with a URL shortening service that will give you access to their own analytics. This will give you a good idea of click through performance but can also track the shortened URL should people choose to share it on other social networks or post it on other sites, as well.

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