Increase Engagement With Twitter’s New Follow Button

It’s always been a pain to click through a website’s Twitter link to actually follow an account. Facebook has their Like button, Google recently launched +1 and finally Twitter has launched their Follow Button, allowing you to follow a Twitter account directly from a website of interest.

Twitter Follow Button

Twitter initially launched the feature with more than 50 sites to start, making it even easier for users to reach out to their favourite athletes, celebs, and whoever/whatever else they find interesting. Using the Follow Button is easy. That’s right, you click it. The other cool feature Twitter has added is the ability to click on the username next to the follow button prompting a new, small window to open where you’re able to see the profile and latest tweets of the account you want to follow.

From an Internet marketing perspective this new feature is a big deal. You’ve previously been able to showcase your Facebook Page Like count with the hopes of increasing conversions and engagement on your Page, and now you are able to do drive more traffic to your Twitter account. This is another fine example of how you can use your website to bridge the gap between social networks and to stay connected with your audience – a powerful combination. Of course, when people follow your Twitter account they’re that much more likely to engage and retweet what you post, therefore increasing the likelihood of coming back to your website.

So, how can you get started? Don’t worry, it’s quick and easy. Configure your Follow Button at

So, what do you think? Will you be implementing the new Follow Button on your site?

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