Marketing Automation Empowerment: A Bit Of Love Goes A Long Way

Within the B2B world there’s a preconceived notion that Internet marketing automation is the worst idea, often compared to pop-under ads.

This misconception stems from social media marketing a few years back, when desperate, unscrupulous companies engaged third-parties for automation services, blasting the true definition of spam across their social networks 24/7.

It’s true that sort of automation is awful, and perhaps even unforgivable, however it would be a  big mistake to discount automation altogether. Don’t hate, there’s a lot about automation that a marketer can love.

I know I’m not the only one that cringes when a so-called expert is preaching that “all Internet marketing automation is bad,” it’s not something I take personally. What it comes down to is education, and I’m more than happy to have a discussion surrounding wonderful future-forward technologies propelling Internet marketing automation software.

This article is meant to baby step your doubting mind through the idea of embracing forms of automation within your Internet marketing strategy, because there’s a wild paradox about automation, when done correctly, you can become empowered and it will help you get close and personal with your target audience.

Automating the mundane and focusing on the dynamic

Internet marketing automation platforms enable you to automate those mundane and pain-in-the-ass tasks that are potentially responsible for the scalability of your online marketing strategy.

If you’re an engagement purist, I want to be clear that you will still need a great human team to create that content, as there’s no way to replicate the unique creativity of your graphic designers and writers with robots. Yet. By taking the time to plan your marketing messages ahead of time, you’re free to begin focusing on those active, in-the-moment marketing tasks.

Imagine marketers being freed up so they actually have more time to market! When marketers have the time to focus on being proactive within their jobs, consumers benefit from a guaranteed better experience.

Use precision for a personalized experience

While running automation for those routine tasks is great, there are other things you’re able to do through Internet marketing automation that you’re unable to do manually.

While your customers hate being talked at, when they are talked with you have to make them feel like you’re taking the time to listen to their unique needs. Unfortunately, we’re all aware that targeting one-on-one conversations with customers ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands can become unwieldy.

Through marketing automation platforms you’re able to create tailored conversations that are scalable to a mass audience. Ironically, automation can become a driving force behind – and not a destroyer of – truly personalized conversations with your prospects and customers.


Take a prospect browsing your website, for example. They’re researching their personal product needs, and through marketing automation tools you’re able to place the right dynamic content in front of them in their preferred channel, all at the perfect time.

This will result in the singular goal within marketing: ensuring that your customer is perceiving (and experiencing) that your brand is aligned perfectly with their needs.

Scale, measure, and drive

At the end of the day, marketing automation allows for scalability, measurability, and as a result, will drive revenue. Sure, it’s not nearly as sexy as SEO, social, or content, but it’s a vital component within an integrated marketing strategy. Automation is also responsible for driving interest in marketing ROI itself, a measurable component that is continuing to gain traction within the digital marketing space.

One of the most valuable aspects of marketing automation is campaign measurement, allowing you to view results quickly and easily, adjusting strategy on the fly. It wasn’t too long ago when veils would hide marketing stats, preventing us from gaining a true understanding of measurement and campaign effectiveness – ultimately forcing Internet marketers to hazard a guess as to what was working and what wasn’t – and now, sophisticated metrics tools have lifted those veils.

We are now able to measure social, email, and other types of Internet marketing campaigns with precision, gaining a true understanding of the ROI they’re delivering.

Because Internet marketing  technologies have gotten so damn exact, marketing efforts are scaling like never before. When applied strategically, marketing automation allows us to attribute true value to campaigns, measuring how they affect revenue.

How can you hate on that?

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  • Mamma G says:

    I get a good few automated emails, i subscribe to them as i enjoy them, and am fully aware they are automated.And have been trying to figure it all out .until now and voila u pop up with all this info…feeling like i’m in heaven 🙂 TQ x

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