94% Of Internet Marketers See Measureable Value On Facebook

Facebook remains a dominant force when it comes to social media marketing, but Twitter is closing the gap, according to a recent return-on-investment survey. Using over 700 marketers, the survey was conducted by Wildfire Interactive, a social media management platform.

Facebook lead the pack with 94% of respondents using the network for their social media marketing strategies, however Twitter wasn’t far behind at 74%. There were other options available, but the results didn’t come close to the two power social networks.

The other choices for marketing were as follows:

  • Blogs & Content: 41%
  • LinkedIn: 32%
  • YouTube: 30%
  • Other: 6%

Wildfire has also reported that nearly 70% of marketers found Facebook fans to be more valuable than non-fans, the top three reasons being:

  • New customer recruitment: 44%
  • Higher conversion rates: 18%
  • More frequent purchases: 18%

Can Twitter ever close the gap on Facebook to take the crown as the social media marketing network of choice?

94% Of Internet Marketers Use Facebook - Marketaire.com


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