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Well friends, we have a Christmas gift for those looking to do a little extra citation building this season! BrightLocal has curated a list of the top 50 citation sources for businesses in both the US and UK.

Over 1 Million Local Citation Sources Found

BrightLocal launched a massive citation analysis project between the months of March and May this year.

The analysis targeted more than 480,000 Google Places listings and were segmented across 40 separate industries and 100 locations. This citation information was then pulled into a database of more than 1.1 million separate citation sources.

The massive list was then filtered for quality, removing junk brand and business sites, resulting in a refined list of 15,000 quality citation sources.

Some of these sites have very powerful citation opportunities and are spread throughout Google’s citation index as a result.

For reference, back in June 2011 Google made the decision to remove citation content from Google Places listings, resulting in the information being hidden from public view.

Citations Are Essential For Effective Google Places Ranking

Make no mistake, even though citation domains are no longer visible in Google Places listings, they remain an integral part in local SEO ranking. Take a look at the chart below that illustrates the top 5 ranking factors from David Mihm’s Local Search Ranking Factors survey.

The Significance of Citations

The 4th most important local SEO ranking factor is considered to be the Quantity of Citations.

Local Internet Marketing & SEO Search Ranking Factors - Marketaire.com

The two tables below list the top 50 citation sources for US and UK targeting. Google removed citation data before data could be gathered for additional countries.

The Frequency Count is the number of times the domain was found on 480,000 Google Places listings analyzed. Many domains were found multiple times per Google Places listing.

 Top 50 US Citation Sources


Local Internet Marketing & SEO - US Citations - Google Places - Marketaire.com

Top 50 UK Citation Sources


Local Internet Marketing & SEO - UK Citations - Google Places - Marketaire.com

For convenience, click here to download a full Excel copy of the citations sources listed above.

 3 Helpful Tools To Assist With Citation Building

Merry Christmas everyone!

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