Internet Marketing – The Future

Internet Marketing is constantly changing, however, how many people are really on board?

I think a lot of people have preconceived notions that they’re required to do things a certain way. Whether it’s blogging, social media marketing, building backlinks, whatever, and you know what? They might not really know why they’re doing it, they’re doing it because someone told them to, they’re repeating it.

Are people doing these things because they work, or is there some weird perception that they have to? How many people are experimenting and testing new backlinking practices, as opposed to sticking to what traditionally works?

Who’s innovating?

Shift your thinking forward, will these methods be relevant 5 years from now, or will there be newer, more effective ways to market your website? Technology is constantly changing; you need to think forward to stay ahead of everyone else, you need to be competitive. You need a unique Internet marketing strategy. Because once a method is leaked, it generally becomes obsolete, or the variables that were once involved will have changed.

Too many people are giving advice to others based on nothing; they haven’t successfully applied the methods, so why should you accept something as fact without verifying it over a period of time?

Imagine if you stopped building backlinks and focused on unique content. Do-follow backlinks today might be no-follow tomorrow (profile links).

Imagine if you stopped social media marketing and started developing products.

Imagine taking focus away from your other websites and moved toward a single focus, one to market yourself.

If you can create something great, it will sell.

A blog is great for promotion, but what are you trying to sell? How are you making money? People get caught up with driving traffic to their blog, but why? Is the traffic targeted? Are you even selling anything of value? Sales pages only go so far, most products are garbage – if you want to create something big, you need to brand yourself.

If you work on branding and creating quality, it won’t matter what happens to Internet marketing and new media in the future. People will trust you and recognize you for what you’ve done and what you can do for them.

There’s always an alternate way to succeed, you just have to find it.

Here’s Google’s take on SEO in 5 years:

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