Internet Marketing Tips – Attracting Potential Advertisers

Google AdSense is an advertising system that operates under an auction type structure, so it makes sense that your advertising revenue will increase if more advertisers choose to target your website.

The AdSense system is straight forward, think of eBay. You (the website owner) sell ad space and buyers (in this example, advertisers) are competing with one another to grab that space. With more buyers joining the auction process the bid amount will increase, therefore benefitting the seller (you).

How can you increase your website’s visibility on the Google Ad Network?

Many advertisers use tools such as DoubleClick Ad Planner to determine which websites they should target on the Google Ad Network, therefore you must make sure that your website is visible and/or can be discovered in tools such as this.

Ad Planner is a very informative report, it’s like a marketing brochure that you can hand out to an undefined number of potential clients daily via Google, and therefore it should always have updated information.

Through Ad Planner, advertisers can view the different types of ads that are accepted on the site, traffic details (pulled from Google Analytics), as well as various topics that are covered by the site (categories) and additional information that can help them easily decide whether or not they should consider using the site in their campaigns.

In this video, Adsense team member Vijay Vachani walks you through the required steps so that you can quickly and easily add your website to Google Ad Planner.

Step 1. If you haven’t added your website to Google Webmaster Tools, you’ll need to do that. You can sign-in to Webmaster Tools by using your Google account, then simply adding your website URL.

Step 2. Once you have verified your site, head over to the Publisher Center of Google Ad Planner and add the site to your Ad Planner profile. If you have recently added your site to Webmaster Tools, it’s possible that it will not immediately show in Ad Planner.

Step 3. Lastly, find the “Edit Site Info” link to add an informative site description as well as relevant site categories. Google automatically presents approximated data of your site’s traffic to advertisers, however you are able to give them a much more informative and accurate picture by permitting Ad Planner to pull data from your Google Analytics account.

In addition to the creation of your own Ad Planner Profile, it’s also important to consider a few simple techniques to attract advertisers:

  • Always allow text and image ads to be displayed on your site.
  • Create specific “channels” (areas on your site) so that advertisers can choose specific ad placements.
  • Be sure to always place your primary ad unit above the fold.
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