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Facebook has made a lot of changes to profiles and Pages this year, a lot of which are quite substantial. There is one aspect that is rarely touched on however, and it affects businesses and how they use Facebook Pages. It’s one thing to read about changes within Facebook, whether there’s improvements or not, but it’s even more important to get hands on experience. If you’re hands on and working with a feature you’re in a much better position to measure strengths and weaknesses for yourself. Building and maintaining strategy is about applying any new features in the most effective way.

One of the more confusing features added to Facebook recently has been the ability to use Facebook as if you’re logged in your business Page, not your personal profile.

How to Login as Your Page

The easiest way to switch between your profile mode and Page mode is to click ‘Account’ in the navigation menu, then click ‘Use Facebook as Page,” or alternatively, use it to switch back to your personal account.

Use Facebook As Page - Switch -

Facebook as Marketaire -

What You Can Do as Your Page

Once you’ve chosen to use Facebook as your Page all activity on Facebook will appear as coming from your page.

As your Page, you are able to view notifications of Page activity and new fans within the top navigation bar. Compared with the personal profile, the friend requests icon has been replaced, allowing you to see new fans. All notifications will be shown as new activity on your Page.

You are also able to view a news feed that contains stories about your Page, as well as updates from Pages you like. You can access this the same way as on a personal profile, by clicking the Facebook logo when you’re logged into your Page.

Marketaire Facebook News Feed -

Facebook has improved on Page interaction in a few different ways. You are now able to “like” other Pages, share via other Pages (will be posted on your page), and you can comment on posts by other Pages, all as your Page:

Facebook Page - Comment Like -

What You Can’t Do as Your Page

The new Page functionality is fantastic and it gives you a much more relevant way to reach out to related Pages and fans to stir up the social pot. Given that this is a new feature, the total functionality is a bit limited, but it will be nice to see how it progresses in terms of strategy and additional features.

There are a few downsides to the present functionality, such as being unable to interact with personal profiles that have privacy settings enabled, even if they’re a fan. This is more than likely Facebook’s way to prevent spam, but it would be nice to prompt the liker to accept or deny direct communication from the Page. On the bright side, you are able to comment on profiles as your Page if that person allows everyone within Facebook to comment on their posts. Still, it’s not the ideal solution.

The Facebook Page login also doesn’t work for mobile phones at present. This is a slight pain, especially if you’re looking to do on the fly commenting on Pages. Hopefully this will be resolved soon, along with a new way to communicate with fans off Page.

These changes will definitely play a big role in any Facebook marketing strategy and adapting will be key as new features are added. If you adapted your strategy to include this new feature, you should, as it opens many different doors to communicate directly with users and potential clients.

We’re interested in your feedback regarding the new changes! Do you plan to add the new feature to your existing strategy or develop a new strategy around the Facebook as your Page feature? Have you had a chance to get hands on with it? Leave your comments in the section below!

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